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Help Volkswagen Spend $2 Billion On Electric Car Infrastructure

Volkswagen has created a new website entitled Electrify America where people and institutions can make suggestions about how the first $400,000 it is required to invest in electric car infrastructure as part of the diesel cheating settlement reached with state and federal officials. The comment section closes January 16.

December 13th

CARB, EV1, Ford, And Trump — Where Do We Go From Here?

In December, 1996, General Motors began leasing its innovative EV1 to customers in California. The EV1 generated a great deal of interest in electric cars but there was a reason why it was only available in California. The California Air Resources Board had promulgated regulations requiring manufacturers to sell zero emission cars if they want to continue doing business in the state.

December 6th

CARB Vs. Trump: Who Wins?

The Trumpster has made it clear he plans to take a wrecking ball to the Environmental Protection Agency, which he blames for imposing a welter of regulations that make American businesses unable to compete in the global economy. One part of those regulations involves CAFE, or Corporate Average Fuel Economy, rules that have been in […]

November 16th