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Trump Chooses Sworn Enemy Of EPA To Head EPA

Donald Trump has nominated Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Pruitt is an ardent critic of the agency and will seek to rescind many if not all of its most important regulations designed to ensure Americans have a clean, safe environment. You got a problem with that?

December 8th

EPA Gives Trump Its Flying Fickle Finger Of Fate Award

The EPA this week dropped a bomb on Donald Trump and his merry band of climate lunatics. Instead of waiting until April 2018 to issue final CAFE regulations, it intends to promulgate them in early January before The Donald has a chance to gut the EPA on his way to stuffing more money into the pockets of the wealthy.

December 2nd

CARB Vs. Trump: Who Wins?

The Trumpster has made it clear he plans to take a wrecking ball to the Environmental Protection Agency, which he blames for imposing a welter of regulations that make American businesses unable to compete in the global economy. One part of those regulations involves CAFE, or Corporate Average Fuel Economy, rules that have been in […]

November 16th