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Today, Fishwrap. Tomorrow, the World! Old Newspaper = Fuel

A team of researchers from Tulane University have discovered a bacteria which converts paper into butanol – a biofuel that serves as a substitute for 
gasoline. The Tulane researchers have been experimenting with old editions of the local (to them) Times-Picayune 
newspaper with great success, and hope to implement similar measures on a larger scale […]

August 27th

Deja Vu: Scientists Turn Pollution Directly Into Fuel Using The Sun

[social_buttons] It’s been a busy Fall for the making-fuel-out-of-pollution-using-nothing-but-the-power-of-the-sun crowd. First we heard about a company that says it has succeeded in creating a system that uses engineered microbes in reactors out in the desert to eat carbon dioxide and poop out diesel and ethanol. Next we heard about a crazy mirror-ring contraption that reaches […]

December 11th

Corn Ethanol Bust Provides an Opening for 2nd Gen Biofuels

It’s a fact. Corn ethanol has lost its luster. Its intrigue has gone from, say, Sean Connery in Dr. No, to the “let’s-just-pretend-they-never-happened” Timothy Dalton years. Each day now brings news of another ethanol plant closure or project put on “hold.” In fact, the stream of bad news for corn ethanol has become so steady […]

November 19th

Butanol Could be a Much Better Gas Replacement Than Ethanol

The technology to make biobutanol, a non-food based biofuel, cost-competitive with gasoline isn’t here yet, but companies in the know say that it could be by 2010. [social_buttons] Regardless of how the debate between corn ethanol and second-generation, non-food ethanol (cellulosic ethanol) pans out, we may be arguing about the wrong thing. “Why’s that?” you […]

November 13th