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Navy Pisses Off GOP Politicians With $210 Million Biofuel Purchase

The United States Navy is the single largest purchaser of diesel fuel in the world, and it is no wonder why; have you ever seen a Nimitz-class supercarrier in person? It’s friggin’ huge. So it is no wonder that the Navy wants to explore homegrown alternatives to the foreign oil that it uses right now. A recent $210 million biofuel purchase by the Navy to three U.S.-based refining operations has pissed off some members of the Republican party who still think we’re sitting on an unlimited and uninterrupted supply of oil.

Peterbilt Pushes CNG Trucks in Texas

Last week, over-the-road truck manufacturer Peterbilt showed off its new line of natural-gas-powered trucks to a select group of its dealers and influential (read: wealthy) fleet-owners at their “Natural Gas Leadership” event in Texas. The show-going crowd was able to investigate a variety of converted semis and learn about CNG refueling strategies and return on […]

March 3rd

AT&T Builds Towards 15000 CNG Trucks

This past Thursday, telecom giant AT&T re-committed to its stated goal of putting 15,000 CNG-powered vehicles into operation by 2018, reaching the milestone of 5000 commercial CNG vehicles in service a few weeks ago and putting 274 CNG trucks and vans into service in Connecticut alone (the photo, above, is of Congressman John Larson and […]

February 29th

CNG-Powered Semis Hit I-94

Andersen Windows‘ delivery trucks have hit the highways, and they’re being fueled by compressed natural gas that, the company believes, will save them over $25,000 per year at today’s gas prices. Per truck. More than enough, in other words, to make back the $40000 premium on CNG trucks compared to their conventional counterparts. At $5/gallon? […]

February 27th

Green News Roundup: Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Happy Hump Day, dear readers. There’s been a ton of great green news out in the past few weeks, and with the L.A. Auto Show fast approaching, there’s even more stuff to get excited about. Some of today’s top stories include Toyota’s plans to sell a $100,000 fuel cell vehicle, propane gel could clean up fracking, and Suzuki’s 72 MPG “Regina.”

November 9th