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BMW Pumps Plug-In Pride In Frankfurt

FYI, a group of lions = a pride. Via EV Obsession: BMW is without a doubt one of the large automakers most serious about the electric vehicle transition, or electrification of passenger transport. I put BMW #2 or #3, only behind Tesla and perhaps Nissan. The German premium-brand giant reinforced that yesterday at the Frankfurt Motor […]

September 16th

BMW Commissions 400 i3s For DriveNow in Copenhagen

Something is electric in the state of Denmark. The Bavarian Motor Works company has announced the addition of 400 electric i3 cars into its DriveNow service that will operate in cohesion with the Copenhagen infrastructure beginning in September of 2015. After successfully adding the i3 to DriveNow fleets in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, […]

August 14th

Cleantech Talk 11: BMW i5 vs Tesla Model S, Volvo XC90 Sales Surprise, Cadillac CT6, & Tesla’s Near Sale To Google

In this Monday’s episode of Cleantech Talk, Chris and I talk about some “controversy” that started here on CleanTechnica when Chris called the BMW i5 a Tesla competitor. He followed up with a piece on Gas2 defending the point. Chris and I chat more about that to kick off the show. We then jump into higher […]

April 27th

Next BMW i Model Won’t Arrive Before 2020

BMW’s i3 is a cute little sedan. It’s i8 is a hard edged supercar. Is there room for a model in the middle? There’s a lot of speculation that a mid-size sedan or SUV would make a lot of sense for expansion of the “i” brand, and rumors in that regard are already out there. […]

March 20th

BMW Car Sharing Program to Include i3 EV

A new car sharing program just started this month in London. DriveNow plans to grow from a small-scale program by expanding naturally. Organically growing step-by step, DriveNow hopes to avoid the problems Daimler had in Britain. The partnership is a teaming up of the BMW Group and Sixt SE. They are presently in Germany (in Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, […]

December 13th

BMW and Toyota Team Up for New Tech, and a New Celica

Ford, Mercedes, and Nissan aren’t the only big players teaming up to gain an edge … hybrid technology leaders Toyota and BMW have signed a new agreement to collaborate on the research and development of more lightweight materials, fuel cells, and advanced lithium-air batteries to succeed the companies’ current lithium-ion cells. This is a binding […]

February 3rd

Digital Dealerships? BMW Will Sell EV’s Online For Less

Industries like retail electronics have adapted to the Internet smooth and effectively, allowing individual companies to sell the same goods at a significant discount. The auto industry, however, has not adapted nearly so well to the rise of the Internet. And while I doubt auto dealerships will disappear anytime soon, BMW will be attempting to sell electric vehicles through online outlets for less than they’d cost at a dealership. It’s a move that could have far-reaching consequences for the whole industry.

Toyota, BMW Team Up On EV Technology

The Japanese Giant Toyota, and the Bavarian Beast known as BMW, could not be more different car companies. Toyota vehicles have the perception of stoic, no-frills, affordable reliability. BMW’s are brash, expensive, “look at me” cars driven mostly by those with an inflated sense of self-worth. In other words, this is the perfect alliance for both companies, who in an extension of a technology alliance announced in December, are teaming up on sports car and electric vehicle technology.