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UPDATE: 2014 BMW i3 NOT $35K, More Like $42,275

What is the true cost of a car? Depends on a variety of factors, from manufacturing incentives to Federal tax credits. Last week we reported that the BMW i3 would cost around $34,500, though we hadn’t established whether that would be before Federal tax incentives or after. Well we have our answer, and the BMW i3 will actually cost $42,275 including the $925 destination. That’s…not cheap.

Video: EV West’s BMW M3 EV On The Dyno

With major automakers now churning out EVs of their own, electric car conversion shops have taken a backseat in the news. Well, most shops at least. EV West has continued to crank out some incredible electric cars, including the Pikes Peak-dominated BMW M3 EV. At the behest of the fellows at Drive, EV West put their electric Bimmer on the dyno, and you won’t believe the results.

Recycled Hawtness: An 800 Horsepower Classic Electric BMW

Electric cars have been around since the first automobiles started being built en masse, but until recently it was up to DIYers to build an EV if they wanted one. While most DIY types focus on the practical aspects of an EV, others, like Mike Pethel, are more concerned with performance. That’s why he has created a unique and powerful electric vehicle based on a classic BMW 3.0 CS.

February 4th

Rimac Automobili Builds "World's Quickest" EV Drag Car Out Of A BMW M3

Retrofitting old cars with modern electric drivetrains has been gaining some traction in the world of automotive moddifiers, but this next car comes from quite the sophisticated outfit. Rimac Automobili, the company behind the 1,088 horsepower Concept_One electric supercar, claim to have set two records in an electric BMW M3 dubbed the “green monster.”

October 24th