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The BMW 330e Is The First Proper Bimmer With A Plug

Few conventional automakers have committed as many resources to plug-in vehicles as BMW has, launching not one but two electrified vehicles last year at opposite ends of the spectrum. For “economy” minded buyers, the BMW i3 offered both fully electric and range-extended versions to eliminate range anxiety, while the BMW i8 emphasized performance wrapped in […]

Next Tesla Sedan To Get Crossover Version

There has been a lot of talk and speculation regarding the as-yet-unnamed third-generation EV from Tesla Motors. According to Elon Musk, it will go at least 200-miles per charge and cost about half what the Tesla Model S does. Another tidbit Musk let leak out? Apparently there will be a small crossover version of this EV as well.

Tesla Aims For $40,000, 200-Mile Jesus EV

The Tesla Model S is many things; fast, good looking, and with the most range of any EV on the market right now. That said, it is still a $70,000 vehicle, placing it well beyond the price range of 99% of car buyers. But for Musk’s encore act, he is making affordability the primary goal, along with a real-world 200 mile range that will have even EV skeptics reconsidering their position…if he can actually make it happen.

BMW Developing 3-Cylinder Engine For U.S. Vehicles

Woe be the BMW fans. The brand that bills itself as the “Ultimate Driving Machine” seems to be losing a little bit of its luster these days. First there was the development of the front-wheel drive hybrid BMW Crosstourer concept, and now another bit of news to make Bimmer fans shudder.

BMW is developing a three-cylinder engine for sale in vehicles in the U.S. Some men just want to watch the world burn…

October 1st

Tesla’s Next Car: An Electric BMW 3-Series Fighter

Unlike many other also-rans, Tesla Motors is succeeding where other electric car companies have failed. And by succeeding, we mean Tesla is actually selling cars, with the Model S sedan reportedly receiving over 10,000 $5,000 deposits to date. At $50,000 after tax credits though, the Model S is still well beyond what most people can afford. So what is Tesla planning to build next? From the sounds of it, an all-electric BMW 3-series rival.