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PRI 2013: Ignite Offers a New Take on Corn Oil

Ignite is widely regarded as one of the top players in the premium ethanol fuels business, and the company has powered some of the most powerful flex-fuel street cars on the road and on the racetrack– not to mention the entire USAC Midget racing field for the past few years. As such, I probably shouldn’t […]

December 16th

Space Bugs = Space Batteries?

It’s not exactly pulling power out of thin air, but scientists at Newcastle University are awfully close. They’re using bascillus stratosphericus – a strain of super-high altitude bacteria – to help create a biofilm that doubles the performance of microbial fuel cells. While that’s still a relatively low amount of power, it would be enough […]

February 27th

DOD Continues to Charge Towards Alternative Fuel

America’s military has been pushing the envelope of green technology in recent years, from hybrid HUMVEE and Jeep replacements to more fuel-efficient fighter jets to diesel helicopter turbines that pump out clean drinking water for the troops. Despite the current economic uncertainty facing the US (or, perhaps, because of it), the DOD has announced that […]

December 3rd

Big Week for Fossils, Big Bucks for Fossil Fuels

Earlier this week, new studies showed that the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex may have been about 30% more massive than scientists believed just one year ago … which makes recent findings from the Paris-based IEA more than a little auspicious (suspicious?), I think. What findings? I’m glad you asked (pretend you asked). It turns out that […]

October 15th

Lotus Green-lights the Ethos Plug-in Hybrid for 2013

Over the last few years, Lotus’ engineers have been showing off a series of clever new “green” technologies aimed at keeping the brand relevant in the years to come. Next year, Lotus will be putting those technologies to work under the skin of the brand’s Ethos city car. Its demise, it seems, having been greatly […]

September 3rd

4th of July (Should Be) End Dependence Day

Electric carmaker Coda released a new video, cleverly titled “End Dependence Day”, just in time for the 4th of July! Of course, Gas 2.0 has been covering a world that is coming to terms with its oil addiction – with its oil dependence – since 2007, so the ideas put forward in Coda’s video are […]

July 4th

Honeywell's Gulfstream Jet Crosses Atlantic on e50 Biofuel

Honeywell‘s camelina-based Green Jet Fuel arrived at last weekend’s Paris AirShow in grand style, powering the company’s Gulfstream G450 demonstrator across the Atlantic as part of the company’s “proof of concept” display to promote and market their biofuel. The Honeywell jet flew in on a 50/50 blend of the Green Jet Fuel and a conventional […]

June 29th

Algae-based Fuels Could Cut Foreign Oil Use by 17%

According to a team of researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, algea-based biofuels could replace up to 17 % of America’s petroleum imports each year, without a significant impact on fresh water use. The issue of where the water necessary to grow the algal components for the fuel is (arguably) the greatest singles source […]

April 22nd

Renault Announces New dCi Energy Diesel

It seems like there are new diesel engine programs being announced every week these days – with everyone from over-the-road European truck builders to American automotive icons getting in on the act.  Today’s new diesel – the Energy dCi 130 – is the latest offspring of the Renault-Nissan alliance. The new Renault engine develops 130 […]

April 18th

Green Speed: South Pole Record Runner is Clean and Mean

The Bremach TRex is big, tough, and indisputably awesome … but what if you wanted a bad*** green machine that was capable of tackling some of the rough at high speed?  If that were you (you lunatic!) you’d want to take a long, hard look at the truck shown here.  So mean and so green […]

April 9th

Cleantechnica: Questions Surround GMO Algea Biofuel

We’ve covered some of the most recent advances in genetically modified bio-fuel sources here on Gas 2.0, and while all this exciting R&D might be regarded as revolutionary, Zachary Shahan – over on our award-winning sister site, Cleantechnica – reminds us that this sort of rapid progress also raises doubts among some about what the […]

April 6th

Professional-Grade Green? 2012 Dodge Ram Cargo

I assure you, the new 2012 Ram Cargo minivan is green-car news – but (either because nobody’s noticed or because Chrysler’s pr-team was too busy dropping F-bombs to effectively push that angle) it’s not being presented as green car news.  Before we get to that, however, let’s look at the van as it is being […]

March 23rd