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Has biking gone too far in the Netherlands?

As a bike commuter living in San Francisco a few years ago, I was very impressed at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s ability to get new bike lanes put in (increasing bike safety quite a bit), to get bicycle safety training to thousands of riders, and to lobby the city council for any number of […]

November 2nd

Faraday's Porteur eBike Gets Real

Introduced last year at the Oregon Manifest bike competition (which it won), the Faraday Porteur is finally (almost) coming to market. All they need now is $100,000. The bike itself is a pedal-assisted ebike that Porteur likens to having an “electric tailwind” everywhere you ride. Having ridden a few ebikes in my time, I think […]

July 21st

Sex Sells: BRINK Golf Electric Bike

Whether it’s slinky lingerie, cheap beer, or electric cars: sex sells. I’m not gonna lie to you, either – I didn’t even notice the bike underneath the girl’s skirt on first glance. Hiding a product between a pretty girl’s legs is usually a bad sign, which makes me think that BRINK’s owners have made a […]

May 14th

Infographic: The True Cost of Commuting

Car’s are not a cheap proposition, and with rising fuel costs, they are only getting more expensive. But it can be hard to put a number on just how much cars are really costing us in the long run. Streamline Refinance came up with this handy infographic and, if the figures are to be believed, a car is actually costing you a lot more money than you realize.

November 7th

Premium Rush Movie Wants to Kill Cyclists (video)

Cycling is a huge part of urban life already, and – as gas prices climb and the desire to be more ecologically responsible becomes more mainstream – it is becoming an even huger part.  Even major automakers are starting to push out electric bicycles!  It’s understandable, then, that as bikes and cyclists are enjoying something […]

September 18th

INFOGRAPHIC: The Energy Efficiency of Movement

We’re all about getting around in the most efficient way possible, but comparing trains and cars and buses and biking can be quite a headache. Luckily, the fine people at Wellhome have provided with an infographic that does just that. I could blather on and on and on about the info in this graphic, but […]

Tiny by Design

The concept of tiny homes is not new- hello, yurt! But the small house movement has been more of a subculture, until, we hope, now. “Mainstream” construction company D.R. Horton’s introduction of 29 microhomes to Portland’s Division 43. D.R. Horton is taking advantage of an opening in the “nichest” of niche markets, Portland, OR, to […]

May 10th