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Top 5 Reasons to NOT Convert Your Car to Propane or LPG

There’s been a lot of talk lately about bi-fuel cars running on LPG and propane, most notably from Chrysler and Lancia in Europe, but in the US as well, with several companies offering propane conversion kits. Propane has a few advantages of gasoline, of course. It tends to burn more cleanly, it’s cheaper, etc. Still, […]

July 9th

2014 Tata Nano Debuts, CNG Model Tags Along

From a visual perspective, the 2014 Tata Nano is distinguished by tastefully-applied chrome trim and a new rear bumper with sporty mesh inserts. The new Nano can also be “optioned up” with four personalization kits that add features like a contrasting-color roof, body graphics, alloy wheels, and sporty-looking body kit. Under the hood, a new bi-fuel engine cuts emissions and operating costs … will that be enough?

June 22nd

New Euro Kia Runs on Both Gasoline AND Propane

Kia’s Hamstar ad campaign for their Soul cute-ute featured a trio of hamsters dancing and driving tothe  lyrics “You can get with this/or You can get with that”, and was so wildly successful that the company recently introduced a Hamstar-edition Soul … but they got it all wrong.  The Kia that best embodies Black Sheep‘s […]

May 28th