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Billion-Dollar Project Better Place Bought For $450,000

Just two years ago, Shai Agassi’s innovative battery-swapping electric automaker/infrastructure builder Project Better Place was valued at around $2 billion. But this past May the company filed for bankruptcy as sales for their special Renault-built, battery-swappable EVs failed to materialize. This week an Israeli businessman bought Project Better Place for just $450,000, a sad final […]

November 26th

Better Place Delays Australian Rollout

It has not been a great year for electric vehicles or the companies promoting them. Project Better Place has had a particularly rough time of it, losing their CEO amid flagging sales and delayed projects. The latest bit of news from Better Place isn’t any, well, better, as partner Renault has put its rollout of the Fluence EV sedan on “indefinite hold” in Australia while Better Place gets its act together.

December 26th

Romanian Team Suggests Modular EV With Swappable Gas Engine

Electric cars aren’t quite ready for primetime. Blame high prices, blame their short range, blame whatever you want, but most consumers aren’t willing to try and live with an electric car just yet. But what about an electric car with an optional gas engine? That’s the idea being floated by a group of Romanians who have apparently not heard of the term “plug-in hybrid.”

October 5th