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Billion-Dollar Project Better Place Bought For $450,000

Just two years ago, Shai Agassi’s innovative battery-swapping electric automaker/infrastructure builder Project Better Place was valued at around $2 billion. But this past May the company filed for bankruptcy as sales for their special Renault-built, battery-swappable EVs failed to materialize. This week an Israeli businessman bought Project Better Place for just $450,000, a sad final […]

November 26th

Another One Bites the Dust: Ecotality Files for Bankruptcy

After a suspension of payments from the Federal Government, electric vehicle charging system manufacturer Ecotality was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this Monday. The move is the company’s first step towards dissolution and the sale of its assets at auction. This news follows August’s revelation that the CHAdeMO-type charger, the type used […]

September 25th

German Company Puts In $25 Million Bid For Fisker

Once valued at around $1.4 billion, Fisker Automotive is a husk of its former self, worth just a small fraction of its peak value. With no money left to build cars, Fisker is trying to sell itself to the highest bidder, and so far only Bob Lutz and the Chinese have shown any interest. But the latest suitor comes from Germany, and may be Fisker’s best hope.

August 23rd

Bob Lutz Wants to Reanimate Fisker's Sexy Corpse w/ V8 Power

There’s significant demand for the Bob Lutz-backed Fisker Karma V8 conversions, especially now that Fisker, the company, doesn’t look particularly suited to provide parts and/or technical support for their existing hybrid powertrains. So his interest in Fisker getting bailed out makes sense. That said, it’s specifically because of Lutz’ involvement that I hope the whole enterprise crashes and burns.

May 23rd

5 Reasons America Is Giving Up On EVs Already

The recent economic turmoil has had plenty of victims, among them a number of cleantech companies like Solyndra. These greentech failings certainly have short-term consequences that include loss of employment, but many business commentators have noticed a disturbing trend, especially in the EV battery market.

Is America really surrendering its lead on electric cars just a few short years into this experiment? It is starting to look that way for five reasons I outline below.

August 13th

Stick A Fork In Aptera, It’s All Done

Many a great idea has gone unheralded, buried in the annals of history as nothing more than a footnote to greatness. Some ideas are just ahead of their time, like Chrysler’s “aero” cars. Others suffered inexplicable setbacks, like the fire that destroyed Nikolai Tesla’s life’s work. And then there are the ideas that seemed silly […]

December 6th