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Space Bugs = Space Batteries?

It’s not exactly pulling power out of thin air, but scientists at Newcastle University are awfully close. They’re using bascillus stratosphericus – a strain of super-high altitude bacteria – to help create a biofilm that doubles the performance of microbial fuel cells. While that’s still a relatively low amount of power, it would be enough […]

February 27th

Does Yellowstone Hold The Secret To Simple Biofuel Production?

While plant-based biofuels hold a lot of promise, many of these fuels require complicated, expensive, energy-intensive processes to make even a little sustainable fuel. Hoping to find influence or a breakthrough from Mother Nature, researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory are turning to the bubbling cauldrons of Yellowstone National Park. They are looking for […]

February 21st

Deja Vu: Scientists Turn Pollution Directly Into Fuel Using The Sun

[social_buttons] It’s been a busy Fall for the making-fuel-out-of-pollution-using-nothing-but-the-power-of-the-sun crowd. First we heard about a company that says it has succeeded in creating a system that uses engineered microbes in reactors out in the desert to eat carbon dioxide and poop out diesel and ethanol. Next we heard about a crazy mirror-ring contraption that reaches […]

December 11th

Man-Made Bacteria Produces a Fuel That’s Better Than Gas

Researchers reported Monday that they have re-engineered a common bacteria to produce complex and energy-dense alcohols similar to the hydrocarbon compounds found in fuels such as gasoline. This is the first time these types of alcohols have been synthesized by bacteria (man-made or otherwise) in the lab. [social_buttons] E. coli is normally found in the […]

December 9th