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Spat Between MobilEye And Tesla Goes Public

MobilEye, the Israeli company that makes the camera used in the Tesla Autopilot system, said Friday that it warned Tesla not to let drivers operate the system without a hand on the steering wheel. In return, Tesla says MobilEye was too timid for its tastes.

September 17th

Musk Says Narrow AI Is Key To Autonomous Driving

People love it when Elon Musk speaks during quarterly earnings calls because he simply cannot resist letting information slip that is really supposed to be confidential. The analysts ask targeted questions. Musk tries to avoid giving an answer, then blunders ahead and spills the beans anyway. It’s fun to watch.

August 6th

NHTSA Head Is Bullish On Autonomous Cars

Mark Rosekind, head of NHTSA, told a conference in San Francisco this week his agency is willing to accept imperfect autonomous driving systems in order to get better systems in the future. The life saving potential of such systems is too great to ignore.

July 22nd