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Nvidia Drive PX 2 Self Driving Computer Deep Dive

Nvidia has been providing graphic interface computers to Tesla Motors since the first Model S rolled off the assembly line in 2012. It was Nvidia that made the enormous 17″ touchscreen in the Model S possible. Now it is continuing its relationship with Tesla by supplying what it calls “a supercomputer in a box” to […]

October 25th

Russian Robot Runs Amok

Promobot, an artificial intelligence device capable of machine learning, wandered beyond its boundaries into a nearby roadway. Hundreds of selfies resulted.

June 19th

Autonomous Cars Are So Not Happening

When the Google autonomous car made headlines around the globe a few months ago, everyone started thinking about a brave new automotive world. A world in which our cars drive themselves, eliminating traffic accidents and freeing us to practice yoga or think great thoughts during our morning commute. For proponents of autonomous cars, the future was […]

October 28th