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Impact Investing and Alternative Transportation

The field of impact investing is a relatively new phenomenon, but its popularity is growing quickly, as investors seek financial AND other returns on their investments, usually environmental and social benefits. In impact investing, investors get to make a buck and feel good about it, too. Impact investing includes fairly mainstream investments, like Tesla’s initial public offering (IPO) that netted the company over $200 million.

November 28th

Electric All-Terrain Vehicle Set to Hit Production Next Month

[social_buttons] If there’s one thing Oregon’s good at, it’s home-grown solutions. From blackberries, to grass seed, to Christmas trees, to hazelnuts, Oregon controls the American market on some major niche agricultural products (PDF). And with Oregon’s new push into the future of alternative energy and transportation, it only makes sense that Oregon agriculture will follow […]

January 25th

FedEx Delving Into the World of Electric Cars. Chooses UK-Based Modec for Initial Order of 10 Delivery Vans

Adding to its green fleet of more than 170 hybrid electric delivery vans worldwide, FedEx has decided to try out fully electric vehicles as well with a small group of 10 London-based test trucks. [social_buttons] FedEx has ordered 10 purpose-built zero tailpipe emissions cargo vans from UK-based electric vehicle manufacturer Modec. The new electric trucks […]

December 12th

UPS is First in Delivery Industry to Test Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles: 50% Better Fuel Economy and 40% Lower Emissions

In partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency, UPS will begin testing a small fleet of hydraulic hybrid delivery trucks in the United States. The new vehicles can achieve 50-70% better fuel economy, a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and pay for their extra expense in less than 3 years. [social_buttons] UPS will field […]

October 28th

Why Can’t the U.S. Have Toyota’s 40 MPG 4WD Minivan?

Toyota sells a 40 mile-per-gallon, four-wheel-drive hybrid minivan in Japan, and has since 2001, but they’re playing keeps. [social_buttons] Its become a bit of a perennial question that I’m reminded of when I find myself mired in the depths of the internet — a question that’s been simmering in the back of my mind since […]

September 22nd

Mini Cooper Turned Into Rickshaw

Who would have imagined, a luxury rickshaw in Beijing.  China’s Legal Evening Post says the tricycle, dubbed “The Other Rickshaw”, was designed and produced by BMW. The company that owns the vehicle, Chen De Bao, says it’s the only rickshaw of its kind in the world. According to the article, the passenger area is the […]

September 9th