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Tree Genes, Soil, and E. Coli Combine To Create Gas-Like Biofuel

We all know that oil burned in vehicles is a major contributor to global climate change, but it is also an incredible fuel, holding a tremendous amount of potential energy in little space. But what if we could grow a fuel with the equivalent energy capacity? A breakthrough in biofuels utilizing DNA harvested from trees, special soil, and the E. coli bacteria claims to have developed a fuel chemically identical to petrol.

April 25th

America’s Military Wants BioFuels

The U.S. military is the nation’s single largest consumer of oil and wants to wean itself from petroleum. Because the U.S. military is an organization of action; it is using its buying power and authority to commercialize alternative and bio fuel technologies.

October 2nd

A High Carb Diet Could Be A Good Thing — For Green Algae That Is

Photosynthetic green algae have the potential to be small green factories for producing alternative fuels.  Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have shown that increasing the microbes’ overall metabolism by feeding them more carbon increases oil production as the organisms continue to grow. Getting microscopic algae to create alternative fuels is […]

July 17th

E. Coli Used To Turn Seaweed Into Ethanol

Our planet’s oceans are our most precious resource, and as it turns out, a great source of energy as well. From algae to tidal turbines to seaweed, scientists the world over are looking to the oceans for answers to tomorrow’s energy questions. Researchers at Bio Architecture Labs, Inc. and the University of Washington at Seattle […]

January 27th

Big Week for Fossils, Big Bucks for Fossil Fuels

Earlier this week, new studies showed that the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex may have been about 30% more massive than scientists believed just one year ago … which makes recent findings from the Paris-based IEA more than a little auspicious (suspicious?), I think. What findings? I’m glad you asked (pretend you asked). It turns out that […]

October 15th