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Tree Genes, Soil, and E. Coli Combine To Create Gas-Like Biofuel

We all know that oil burned in vehicles is a major contributor to global climate change, but it is also an incredible fuel, holding a tremendous amount of potential energy in little space. But what if we could grow a fuel with the equivalent energy capacity? A breakthrough in biofuels utilizing DNA harvested from trees, special soil, and the E. coli bacteria claims to have developed a fuel chemically identical to petrol.

April 25th

America’s Military Wants BioFuels

The U.S. military is the nation’s single largest consumer of oil and wants to wean itself from petroleum. Because the U.S. military is an organization of action; it is using its buying power and authority to commercialize alternative and bio fuel technologies.

October 2nd

Navy Takes Flak for $15 / Gallon Biofuel Purchase Totalling $12M

Critics claim that $15 / gallon (the calculated pump price) is too much. The Navy says this will accelerate the production of homegrown fuel and contribute to Navy’s goal of 50% renewable fuel by 2020. The 450,000 gallons of agal and animal fat oil-based fuel constitutes the largest single purchase of biofuel in US history. […]

December 27th

Company To Develop Biofuel Made From Fish

[social_buttons] LiveFuels, Inc. hopes to make a renewable fuel using processed algae-fed fish. The company–who develops renewable algae-based biofuels–has a test facility in Brownsville, TX. At the location they have 45 acres of open saltwater ponds which will be used for optimizing the algal production. Most algae-to-biofuel companies are limited to monomcultures of algae, but […]

August 15th

Algae Biofuels World Summit Wraps Up in San Francisco

The Algae Biofuels World Summit concluded yesterday in San Francisco. The event was geared to active participants in the industry, and I had the opportunity to attend Monday’s all day pre-conference briefing highlighting key players in government, research, and business all pursuing the goal of scaling algal biofuels to a commercial enterprise level. It is clear […]

March 26th

UK Starts World’s Largest Algae Biofuel Initiative

Great Britain hopes that algae-based biofuels can reduce automotive and aviation emissions by 2030, and cut overall emissions by 80% by 2050. [social_buttons] While food-based biofuels are taking the heat for rising food prices, other solutions – like algae – are gaining a more serious following. For example, the UK’s Carbon Trust has announced plans […]

October 23rd

Camelina – The Next Generation Biofuel?

Over the last few months, things have been a bit gloomy in the world of biofuels. Earlier this year, they enjoyed a position of prominence as a viable means of reducing carbon emissions and addressing the energy crisis. Since then, federal mandates requiring an increase in the amount of land set aside for growing biofuel […]

September 8th

Could We Grow 100,000 Gallons of Oil per Acre? Yes, Says Vertigro Algae Biofuel [Video]

I happened across this video on algae biofuel today: a company I’ve never heard of, Valcent Products, claims they can grow algae to produce oil yields of 100,000 gallons per acre. That’s the upper range of estimates I’ve seen for algae production—an absolutely phenomenal amount of oil—which Valcent attributes to their ‘high density vertical bioreactor’ […]

April 25th

Smokestacks Make Biofuels

Would I put you on? It’s true, algae-based biofuels are being produced from CO2 emitted from smokstacks. It’s happening through a company called GreenFuel, headquartered in Cambridge, Mass. GreenFuel has been partnering with Arizona Public Service Company to create biofuels from algae grown using carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from a power plant. The companies successfully […]

April 8th

Algae Biofuel to be Used in Virgin Atlantic 747 Test Flight

Virgin Atlantic Airways will use a 20% blend of algae-derived biofuel in a demonstration flight later this month. The fuel will be fed to one engine through an independent system in order not to mix with the fuel going to the other three engines. In January, Virgin announced it would conduct the test flight, and […]

February 19th