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Video: Chip Yates Sets Electric Airplane Speed Record

Some people are born to go fast. For whatever reason, these human beings are wired in a way that compels them to chase speed, and Chip Yates is just such a person. Already holding the electric motorcycle world record, this weekend Yates set his sights on another record; that of electron-powered flight. Once again, Yates came through, setting an official speed record for electric aircraft, though not before suffering a dramatic mechanical malfunction that left his plane without power.

Air Force Pushes Biofuels For Jets

So the U.S. Air Force is getting serious about biofuels. The Air Force’s grand plan calls 50% of its fuels to be sourced from domestic biofuel by 2016, mostly for use in their aircraft. The planes will run on a blend of biofuels and traditional JP-8 jet fuel, without a decline in performance. How about […]

July 28th

Tiny French Electric Plane Sets Records (video)

This independence day, we should also take some time to remember our country’s history and give the French a little love. With that in mind, then, let’s go back to last weekend’s Paris Air Show, where French pilot Hugues Duval still has a fair bit to boast about with his latest accomplishment:  breaking the electric-powered […]

July 4th

Spring Is Here, And So Are The Airships

Spring is in the air. The trees are going green. Bugs are emerging from beneath the sacred earth, flowers are blooming, and pollen is clobbering our sinuses like never before. There’s something else in the air…airships? Yes, it seems airships are making a comeback, nearly a quarter-century after this infamous event effectively put the kibosh […]

May 17th

Austrian Oil Burners in the Sky

Most people don’t think “light” when they think of diesels.  In the US, especially, the word “diesel” is almost synonymous with dually pickups and farm equipment.  That’s changing, of course, with cars like the TDI Volkswagens.  Even within enthusiast circles, though, diesel engines still conjure up images of cast-iron engine blocks weighing hundreds of pounds […]

March 9th

World’s Largest Airship Lifts the Standard for Efficient Blimps

A new airship from E-Green Technologies/21st Century Airships sports the crackerjack name Bullet 580 along with a “radically different” design according to E-Green Chairman and CEO Michael Lawson. The innovations allow for more efficient performance and a larger cargo capacity, all with more energy efficiency relative to conventional aircraft. The Bullet 580 is 235 feet […]

April 14th

First Ever Manned Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft Takes to the Air

[social_buttons] Earlier this week, the world’s first piloted aircraft powered solely by hydrogen fuel cells, took to the skies above Hamburg Airport, Germany, producing zero carbon dioxide emissions. The Antares DLR-H2, jointly developed by the German aerospace centre DLR, Lange Aviation, BASF Fuel Cells and Denmark’s Serenergy, has a range of 750km (390nm) and can […]

July 10th

Electric Planes Lifting Off at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

First we had electric trains. Then electric cars. Now, airplanes. Sonex, a national leader in providing affordable high performance kit aircraft, is developing a concept Waiex E-Flight Electric-Powered plane. [social_buttons] I caught up with Mark Schaible, Marketing Director for Sonex, at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture last year, the largest aircraft event on the […]

June 18th

Continental, Boeing Schedule Biofuel Test Flight For 2009

[social_buttons] Continental Airlines, Boeing, and GE Aviation have scheduled a biofuel test flight for early 2009, citing the desire to identify sustainable fuel alternatives for the aviation industry. Continental may be the first US carrier to do so and, in the words of president and CEO of GE aviation, is “taking an important step in […]

March 26th

Airbus A380 First to Fly With Alternative Fuel

Airbus beat Boeing to the punch and flew the first commercial aircraft using an alternative fuel in one engine. The really interesting thing is the two airlines are using different alternative fuels in their test flights. Boeing announced in January they would test an alternative fuel in one engine of a 747, but did not […]

February 2nd