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Fisker Auction Delayed As Bidding Price Doubles

With the surprise last-minute bid for the remains of Fisker Automotive, a Federal judge deceded to delay the Fisker auction until late February. In response to a better bid from the Wanxiang Group, Hybrid Holdings LLC. has more than doubled its bid. Is this the beginning of a bidding war? Sure seems like it.

January 16th

How Fisker Burned Through $1.3 Billion

With Fisker Automotive on the brink of bankruptcy, there are those of us left wondering how this small niche automaker managed to spend $1.3 billion of public and private investments in just a few short years. A new report lays out in detail how Fisker Automotive blew through a billion dollars, while developing and delivering just over 2,000 vehicles, becoming possibly the biggest venture capital blunder in history.

April 19th

ALTe Takes EV Conversions To China For Survival

The cottage industry of electric vehicle conversions was hoping to ride the wave of EV fever into a much larger market. Unfortunately, the high cost of conversions means there are few takers, and several conversion companies have already gone out of business.

Yet Auburn Hills-based ALTe Powertrain Technologies believes there is still a market for EV conversions…it just isn’t in the U.S.

September 12th

A123 Systems Scores Smith Commercial Fleet Deal

Earlier this week, A123 systems announced that the company had been tapped to provide high-capacity (up to 45 kWh!) li-ion battery packs for the upcoming Smith Newton 7.5 ton, medium-duty commercial truck – which already sees service in fleets owned by such diverse outfits as Pepsi, Staples, and the US Marines Corp. One of my […]

June 11th