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It's Really Real: Toyota i-Road Production Begins

Toyota’s pie-in-the-sky EV concept from this year’s Geneva show was hailed by the company as a production-ready concept, leading to a number of sarcastic nods and knowing “Yeah, right.” comments from the motoring press. Here we are, just a few months later, and reports are starting to surface that Toyota has begun production of their […]

September 28th

Elio Motors Named one of 2013's "25 Brands to Watch"

Despite nay-sayers like me, Elio Motors is continuing its US tour (which began last month in Shreveport, LA) in a push for public goodwill and, it’s assumed, public money. That PR push seems to have convinced Brand Innovators that Elio Motors has a future, too! Elio Motors was named one of America’s “25 Brands to Watch“. Wait, … who!?

June 11th

Op-Ed: Elio Motors Thinks it Can Sell This 3-wheeler. It Can't.

Earlier this week, Troy-based manufacturer Elio Motors introduced more than 20 key suppliers who will be key contributors to the production of the three-wheeled vehicle we featured back in January. Despite industry heavyweights including Altair Engineering, IAV, and NEWTECH 3 involve, a claimed 84 MPG fuel economy rating, a (dubiously anticipated) 5-star safety rating, and a starting price of just $6,800, I think Paul Elio’s little endeavor will fail.

May 13th

Geneva 2013: Toyota i-Road Enclosed Motorcycle (w/ video)

This is Toyota’s newest electric commuter concept. It’s called the i-Road, and I could get into all the trick electric motor tech and the formula-1 style safety science meant to keep you alive whenever some kin-cuddlin’ redneck in a jacked-up pick-up decides it’s time to change lanes on top of you. None of that’s all to exciting, though. The cool thing about the new Toyota i-Road is that it leans.

March 5th