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Genuine's New Lemonhead Buddy is a 100+ mpg Sweetie

I’m not gonna lie, Genuine’s Buddy line of small-displacement scooters have a special place in my heart. Over the past twelve months, I spent (quite literally) hundreds of hours riding various scoots, from Honda Metros to big-engined maxis, and the Buddy was always “just right”. It’s a “Goldilocks” bike, in other words … and now, thanks to Ferrara Pan and the introduction of this new Lemonhead model, the lil’ Buddys have gotten a lil’ bit sweeter.

July 12th

Not Another Solyndra: Bright Automotive Closes Doors, Cites DOE Loan Process

Ever since Department of Energy loan-recipient Solyndra closed its doors this summer, the whole “green energy loan” process has been under intense scrutiny by Republican politicians. Cries of “crony capitalism” have been the rallying cry against green energy loans to fledgling companies, but here is one example where the DOE loan process came up short. […]

February 29th

Recycled Hawtness Video: '60's Vespa Redux

We’ve said it before: the greenest car you can buy is a car that’s already been built. “But,” I hear you asking, “what’s even ‘greener’ than that?” Try this: a fully re-used and re-cycled, 90 mpg, California-legal “restomod” 1966 Vespa 150 Super. The ’66 shown here was restored by Scooterworks USA, a Chicago-based parts company […]

November 28th

When Does 90 MPG Seem Low?

That right there is the 50 cc Honda Metropolitan that’s been carrying me across Chicago these past few months. With only 50 cc pushing the little scooter along, I can’t say it’s fast – but in rush hour traffic, with big-engine pickups and ultra-fast turbocharged Porsches dicing for position among stop-and-go city trucks? It’s plenty […]

October 23rd

Loremo Pushes Forward, Announces New EV Concept

We last covered Loremo – the tiny German automaker with big, clean-car dreams – back in 2008, when the company announced plans to build a slippery, 117 mpg bio-diesel commuter with “sporty coupe” pretences.  At the time, the folks behind Loremo promised that an EV was coming … and here it is. Ignore, for a […]

June 5th

Scooter Sales up 50% Over 2010

We covered the projected boom in global electric scooter sales last week, but recent news seems to indicate that gas-powered scooter sales are rapidly on the rise, as well.  USA Today is reporting that sales of new scooters are up more than 50% compared to a year ago, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council.  The […]

May 11th

Video: Fisker Karma Brings Its Sexy Back

For the past few years, we’ve gotten a lot of promises from major car manufacturers and electric vehicle startups alike. Tesla Motors and Fisker are perhaps the best known new car startups, and while the former has been delivering electric roadsters for two years now, the latter has yet to put a journalist behind the […]

August 24th

7 Car Mods That Get 100 MPG Or More

Hand-built, eco-modified, and wood-powered cars raced across the Bay State this weekend driving 100 miles on just a single gallon of fuel. Aptly named the One Gallon Challenge, the event was part of a four-day long festival in Boston that celebrated clean technologies. Welcome to GreenFest 2009! Garage-Built Car Gets 105 MPG, Cost $2,500 To […]

August 24th