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Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s Electric Car Predictions Are Big

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has left the Obama administration after several years of encouraging biking and walking while discouraging cell phones. During his departure, Secretary LaHood said, “By 2025, all of us, every family, will have some kind of hybrid or electric vehicle,” a very encouraging (if overly optimistic) prediction from a high level government official, and a Republican at that.

July 8th

Obama’s Energy Security Trust

President Obama proposed in his State of the Union Address creating an Energy Security Trust to invest in research and technology that will “shift our cars and trucks off oil for good”.

February 26th

Election 2012 Alternative Fuel Wrap Up

Politically, a line was drawn clearly in the sand separating the ideological views of conservatives and liberals in terms of their option on the current state of alternative fuels in the United States. With President Obama reelected it seems that the current support for alternative fuels will continue. One would think that it would mean that cries for fiscal responsibility from the right will not be far behind; however that might not be the case.

November 21st

Great Scott! $90 Billion Dollars?

$90 billion. The Obama administration has put $90 billion in subsidies into solar and wind energy companies and about half of the companies have failed. That is the claim that Romney has said debate after debate. The argument is that the $90 billion could have been spent on something else. Solyndra and Ener1and now A123 […]

October 30th

Fisker Not A Loser?

In response to constant public slams by Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Fisker Automotive has said, “we don’t consider ourselves a loser, having sold 1,500 cars already and raised over $1.2 billion of private equity.”

October 26th

Electric Vehicles In All Presidential 2012 Debates

Alternative fuels and electric vehicles (EVs) and were mentioned in all three of the Presidential Debates and very briefly during the Vice Presidential Debate. That is really something for EVs. For the longest time EVs were hobbyist’s projects in garages, and it was not until recently that EVs became widely available to consumers and not […]

October 25th

Paul Ryan – Pro Green Energy Loans?

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, the fiscal conservative hero of the Republican Party, once supported a US Energy Department loan program aimed at developing greener cars. Furthermore, Ryan even called for DOE to hand out lump-sum payments to companies. My, how times have changed since 2008 and 2009.

October 4th

Charged 2012 | Ray Lane On the Future of the EV Industry

The closing keynote at the Silicon Valley EV Symposium was Ray Lane, managing partner at VC Firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, and Fisker board member. Ray began with his involvement with the Electrification Coalition and discussed everything from the state of clean tech investing to politics to how much he loves his Fisker.

August 29th

Romney’s Own Solyndra?

A Massachusetts solar company that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney handed a $1.5 million government loan to whas filed for bankruptcy and laid off its employees. But don’t expect right-wing blowhards to care too much. It is no surprise that the Romney campaign is having a hard time connecting with the American public. Recently the […]

June 21st

New CAFE Standards Could Save US Consumers $68Bil

Sixty-eight BILLION US-American dollars. That’s approximately equal to a metric s***ton of money (even in 100s and 50s), and it’s the amount of 2012 dollars that American consumers could save on gas each year if Barack Obama’s 2030 fuel standards get implemented, according to the NRDC. That savings, by the way, would mean reduced transportation […]

April 22nd