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Tesla Motors Makes Hiring Vets a Priority

Elon Musks’s Tesla Motors is leading the way when it comes to building the cars of the future, selling more of its Model S electric sedans than the established, gas-burning Mercedes S class or Audi A8s throughout last year. Still, that’s not all the company is doing to right the wrongs of the oil industry. […]

July 5th

Meet the PL-01 Stealth Tank, from Poland (w/ Video)

At just 3/5 the weight of an American Abrams tank and powered by an advanced, high-efficiency, 940 HP diesel engine, Poland’s newest direct support vehicle is a seriously efficient combat machine. The big news here, however, isn’t an engine that’s capable of running on algae-sourced diesel or some ultra-torquey electric drive motor– it’s the PL-01’s […]

March 30th

Lockheed Martin Banks on an Ethanol Future

Fighter jets + ethanol, it’s a calculation that Lockheed Martin recently announced a significant investment in. Lockheed is hoping to secure what it calls, “clean, secure, and smart energy” by buying into a company called Concord Blue. That company gained notoriety in the energy business when it developed a closed-loop, commercially proven, non-incineration process that […]

December 6th

Energy Excelerator Project Winners, 2014 Cohort Announced

Back in November, the US military announced that it would be putting more than $30 million into Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator, a small business incubator that exists help energy startups “navigate” the perilous business waters of Hawaii and the Asia Pacific regions while encouraging the sharing of know-how, technology, and strategies between the companies. Last week, […]

November 23rd

$20M SPIDERS Means More EVs for US Military

America’s armed forces have been moving towards EVs in recent years. Given the quiet running, low heat signature, and epic performance potential of military EVs, that shouldn’t surprise anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Earlier this year, the Department of Defense launched a $20 million initiative to put more than 90,000 alt-fuel and […]

November 3rd

US Navy Funds Energy Excelerator Projects in Hawaii

The US Navy recently announced that it would be putting more than $30 million into Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator green energy projects, which help energy startups “navigate” Hawaii and the Asia Pacific region and encourage sharing of know-how, technology, and strategies among clean energy startups. The investment comes as part of a larger US military initiative […]

September 9th

The US Navy, Biofuels, and the Eco Arms Race

America’s military leaders have been strong advocates for converting America’s war machine to renewable biofuels in general and ethanol in particular, and US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus just wrote a new article over at Foreign Policy that lays out all of his reasons to move away from oil, from dependence on foreign powers to oil’s troublesome logistics and environmental impact.

August 12th

Might The Military Make EVs Mainstream?

America has the world’s largest military by far, spending more than the next 20 countries combined. When we’re not invading other countries, the military of developing world-changing technologies like GPS and the Internet, technologies that once seemed impossibly expensive for the average person to own. So one writer is asking; can the military make EVs mainstream?