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The Best Revenge Against Trump Is A FIAT 500e

This is not sponsored content. This is California Desperation. At a time when the CEO of Exxon is being tapped for Secretary of State and the outgoing President has to ban the destruction Putin & Tillerson are eager to unleash on the Arctic Circle and anywhere else they can, everyone who possibly can should be […]

December 21st

Sierra Club Releases New Electric Vehicle Guide

While I focus a lot of attention on the electric vehicle consumer benefits of instant torque and convenience, another huge benefit is of course that they’re greener than gasmobiles and diesel cars. That is of course the reason why nonprofit organizations like the Sierra Club support their adoption. The Sierra Club’s latest work in support […]

July 20th

California State Assembly Votes on 3-ft Rule For Bicyclists

Many people cite safety as the biggest reason they’re not commuting via bicycle, self included. Don’t cue the violins, I’m lucky to have had a full recovery from the crash I’m really sick of talking about, and I know my own road rage had some part in it. However, if seeing a cyclist in a wheelchair tugs at your heartstrings, go right ahead and urge your local Assembly member to vote yes on 1464.

August 24th

Consumers and Climate Change

When compared to other nations, America is relatively isolated from climate change. However as wildfires increase, tornado warnings are appearing in the northeast, and America is dealing with the hottest weather on record, it is easy to see that something is going on. A recent survey by Yale and George Mason universities indicates that the vast majority of Americans agrees that climate change is making natural disasters and extreme weather events worse.

August 21st

Marketing Lesson: How to Get Your Customer to Think Green = Mean

OK, kids – time for a pop quiz. Which is more macho, a full-size pickup truck or a fuel-efficient Fiat 500C? A drum of VP109 race fuel, or a jerry can of bio-ethanol? Despite the objective benefits of the Smart for city drivers and the military’s inexorable march towards sustainable fuels, I think most people […]

August 5th

American Isolationism and Climate Change

Over the last few weeks the United States has experienced record breaking heat waves. Drought has hit the American heartland and wildfires are raging in the American west. Democracy Now correspondents recently questioned a panel of environmental experts as to what the hell is going on.  The take away; climate change is real and is […]

August 2nd

Going to Downtown Los Angeles? Leave Your Car At Home!

At last week’s Bike Network Open House, Councilman Jose Huizar presented awards to the people who’d been most instrumental in turning downtown LA into a cyclist’s paradise. (It’s on its way!) As part of the 2010 Bike Plan, many miles of bike lanes have been introduced in the downtown region historically defined by its freeway […]

June 5th

Only You Can Improve MPG, or: You're Fat and It's Killing Us

Your car doesn’t get the kind of fuel economy you’d hoped. Many people have that idea in their heads these days, and the anecdotal evidence (at least) seams to support these claims. But (and there’s always a “but”, isn’t there?) what if that’s not true? What if the EPA’s MPG estimates are actually conservative, and […]

May 5th

Congress is Buying USPS Employee Votes – with YOUR Money

The United States Post Office is dirty, inefficient, and – after failing to pay back the $12 billion loan it got from the US Gov’t – hemorrhaging cash at an alarming rate. Total collapse (in the form of not being able to pay employees, pay bills, or buy stamps) has been looming for over a […]

May 1st