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Electric Scooters – Now With Baskets, From Suzuki

Suzuki announced their new electric scooter this week. It’s called the e-Let’s, it’s under-50-cc-equivalent, and it goes on sale on January 9th. Scooters in general are pretty neat – they’re fuel efficient, small, and it’s hard not to look cute riding one. Add in an electric motor to reduce noise, vibration, and greenhouse gas emissions, […]

December 14th

Yamaha's Zuma 50: 132 mpg of fun!

I spoke with Yamaha’s Tim Olsen about their Zuma 50 and Zuma 125, both excellent scooters for new riders and young urban commuters. The 50 gets a mind-boggling 132 mpg, and must be loads of fun to ride. I only say this because I haven’t ridden one yet, but I know of at least one very talented racer whose preferred mode of commuting 60 miles to work is on his Zuma 50.

December 13th

BMW: Scooters Can Be Fun AND Efficient

At the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA I spoke with BMW Mottorad Vice President Pieter de Waal about where scooters fit into their lineup. He explained that scooters are an important part of their global strategy. They recognize that in megacities, scooters are the most sensible choice for transportation.

December 13th

Electric Motorcycles Breaking Into the Big Leagues?

At the 2011 Tokyo Motorcycle Show, Honda showed an electric concept motorcycle. The RC-E is styled to win, echoing the look of a vintage café racer. Also at the Tokyo show is a concept from Yamaha that could make me not only cheat on my R1 but divorce her altogether. Yamaha has unveiled a number of electric mopeds, and other ICE manufacturers are getting in the electric game. It seems the major OEM’s are finally ready to consider adding battery-powered bikes to their product lines.

December 6th

Honda Reveals New (Electric!) Motocompo Successor

Do you remember the super-awesome Honda of the 1980s? The Honda that built the Gyro scooter, oval-pistoned NR750 superbike, reinvented the Ferrari with the NSX, and reinvented the sportscar with the CRX Si? Honda does, and it’s drawing more inspiration from its own past with each new mention of the CR-Z, the upcoming “new” NSX […]

November 27th

All-Electric on Two Wheels Only – Prozza Scooter and Motorcycle

Electricity on four wheels, electricity on three wheels, and electricity on two wheels – all converge on the Tokyo Motor Show next month. One of the cuter additions is from a company called ProStaff, which started an all-electric bike racing team earlier this year. ProStaff has a booth all to itself for its emission-free two-wheeled […]

November 26th

accessio E-mobility Conference | The Future of the Automobile

Last week, accessio brought EV and hydrogen business leaders from the German state of Baden-Württemberg to San Francisco and Los Angeles. The most interesting takeaway was how the region is capitalizing on its long history of automotive industry excellence and pushing the industry toward electric through a combination of grants, partnerships and promotional events.

October 31st

Video: Do You Lambret-twist?

My friend-in-scooters and fellow writer Jo Borras sent me this nostalgia-pumping link to a Lambretta scooter ad straight from 1962, and I couldn’t stop grinning. The iconic Lambretta, ladies and gentlemen, was created amidst song in a lab clearly made from cardboard and glitter. It’s true; just watch the video.

October 25th

When Does 90 MPG Seem Low?

That right there is the 50 cc Honda Metropolitan that’s been carrying me across Chicago these past few months. With only 50 cc pushing the little scooter along, I can’t say it’s fast – but in rush hour traffic, with big-engine pickups and ultra-fast turbocharged Porsches dicing for position among stop-and-go city trucks? It’s plenty […]

October 23rd

eSchwalbe Scooter Promises Fume-free Fun and Fashion (video)

Make no mistake, electric scooters are coming. It may not be this year or the next, but the combination of gas-free living, urban agility, and the instant-on acceleration that is unique to EVs will continue to win over young urbanites … if only someone would come out with an electric scooter that was, you know, […]

October 8th

Electric Scooter Wins at Endurance

Czech electric scooter company AKUMOTO, in conjunction with Czechoslovakian energy conglomerate ČEZ, claims to have set a world record during European Mobility Week (September 19-22). The very-nearly stock e-scooter was ridden for 706.1 miles in 24 hours, the equivalent of a quick jaunt from Prague to Paris. Think of the reception one would get in the City […]

September 27th