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Someone Buy Me a 2014 Honda Grom NOW (w/ video)

With top-shelf suspension components, brakes, and high-end tires backing up the bikes diminutive 125 cc dirtbike engine and 4-speed semi-automatic transmission, this little Honda should be gobs of fun. Scratch that …
The new Honda Grom promises to deliver the most fun you can have without an overwhelming karmic retribution getting portioned out by the cosmos.

May 18th

KTM Readies New E-SPEED Electric Scooter (w/ video)

Before they became the de-facto European streetbike for guys who wear flat-brimmed hats bbut can’t afford a Ducati, KTM motorcycles were the stuff of off-road legend. With the introduction of the first Duke, they practically invented the idea of a roadworthy stunt bike. Now, KTM is going back to its crazy, road-terror roots with their […]

March 23rd

Video: Electric Snow Scooter An Enjoyable Alternative To Snowmobiles

We’re just about halfway through the winter here in the U.S., and while some areas have been hammered by snow, so far New England has had a pretty dry winter. But in places where there is always snow on the ground, a snowmobile can be more practical (though just as expensive) as having a car to drive around. That is where the Govecs electric snow scooter comes in.

February 4th

Xkuty One Is A Low-Cost EV Scooter For The Masses

Europe has always been sensitive to gas and diesel prices, and many Europeans have managed to go carless for a long time. Scooters are a popular replacement for cars in many European cities, and a Spanish company hopes to deliver a practical and affordable all-electric replacement for scooter-seeking consumers.

February 1st

Recycled Hawtness: Bitchin' Lowrider Vintage Vespa (w/ video)

What you’re looking at here is a steel-bodied vintage Vespa stripped down to its bare-metal frame and set down onto the same kind of lowering airbags used by lowrider aficionados (yes, I just typed that) in the hot rod and chopper communities. In a word? It’s awesome. Built by German hot rod shop Kings of […]

December 3rd

Smart Scooter Gets by With a Little Help From its Friends

With its easy-to-park cars and high-end, pedal-assist bikes, Mercedes’ Smart brand has spent years positioning itself as the best choice for fashionable, eco-conscious urbanites. Since 2010, the brand has been threatening to add another vehicle to its portfolio of swank city-rides: a plug-in electric scooter. Now, it seems that Smart will be getting some help […]

December 1st

BMW Electric Scooter Gets Road Tested

As the world’s largest luxury car maker, BMW is well positioned to start offering its customers premium electric cars. That’s why BMW created the “i” brand, even going so far as to try and sell the i3 and i8 EV’s through digital dealerships online. But nobody really expects Beemer to try and break into the scooter market, which is why I am scratching my head at the news that BMW’s C Evolution electric scooter has been spotted on the road for testing.

Are the Germans serious?

August 1st

Lambretta Reborn! All-new LN125 Gets Ridden in Spain

Despite my much-professed and well-documented love for scooter-y things, the reborn Lambretta LN125 decided to bestow a tester to Spain’s Motorpasion … but they did such a great job reviewing the sexy little bike that I can hardly complain. Let’s face it, if your article involves riding a scooter inside a diner I think you […]

July 22nd

Enviromoto Helps Build a Better Buddy

Last week, I wrote an article about Genuine’s new Lemonhead Buddy scooter, wherein I called the little scoot zippy, practical, and traffic-carving. I figured the Lemonhead to be a sweet little ride, but complained about the bike’s 30 mph top-speed … to just about anyone who would listen. One person who listened was my friend and Twist n’ Gone superstar Jeremy Hall. In addition to inventing the nacho cheese fountain, Jeremy also happens to run EnviroMoto, an online resource for go-fast scooter parts. SO, does Jeremy have a plan to make the lil’ Buddy a bit sweeter? “I can make your Buddy SCREAM!” he replied.

July 19th

Genuine's New Lemonhead Buddy is a 100+ mpg Sweetie

I’m not gonna lie, Genuine’s Buddy line of small-displacement scooters have a special place in my heart. Over the past twelve months, I spent (quite literally) hundreds of hours riding various scoots, from Honda Metros to big-engined maxis, and the Buddy was always “just right”. It’s a “Goldilocks” bike, in other words … and now, thanks to Ferrara Pan and the introduction of this new Lemonhead model, the lil’ Buddys have gotten a lil’ bit sweeter.

July 12th

Refuel 2012: An EV Lover's Favorite Day Of The Year

This post was written by Brandon Miller, a member of the Electric Cowboys EV racing team. Brandon was at this weekend’s REFUEL event, a racing event at the famed Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca for electric vehicles only. This is his firsthand account of the action. As the “Bike of Doom” rider Luke put it, […]

July 2nd