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Recycled Hawtness: Vespa 150 S (w/ video)

The bad news is that there’s not a lot of backstory on this latest entry in Gas 2’s Recycled Hawtness series, presented by the techs from a Spanish motorcycle shop in Alicante, Spain called Sport Production. The good news is that there doesn’t need to be. Quite simply put, this video captures the story of […]

September 23rd

Finally: A DIY Wooden Vespa You Can Ride!

An incredibly talented, devoted, and patient artist named Carlos Alberto created this fully-functional Vespa out of layers of laminated plywood. In addition to being made almost entirely of renewable materials, delivering thrilling performance, and giving back more than 100 miles of smiles for every gallon of gas you put into it, it is incredibly, unspeakably […]

September 18th

Frankfurt 2013: BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter

The Frankfurt auto show is usually the beginning of a model year’s auto show season, and this year is no exception with a host of 2014 models being shown for the first time. BMW is starting us off with a bit of 2 wheeled news this morning, having recently announced that the company’s C Evolution […]

September 8th

Video: The Scrooser Is An Electric Scooter For Trust Fund Kids

While electric motorcycles are upsetting the performance paradigm gas-powered bikes have monopolized for decades, electric scooters are quietly taking to the streets in greater numbers. The latest electric alternative to gas-powered transportation is the Scrooser, which can take you 22 miles with a single push of your foot thanks to a hub motor and lithium-ion […]

August 26th

The Philippines Wants 100,000 Electric Tuk Tuks on the Road by 2016

The largest power company in the Philippines wants to put 100,000 electric tuk-tuk utility vehicles on the road by 2016 – which sounds like a big number, until you realize there are nearly 3.5 million tuk tuks on Philippine roads today and that 100,000 number represents less than 3% of the overall total. So, maybe […]

August 18th

DIY Motoped Kit Combines Mountain Bike With XR50

What you’re buying when you pick up a Motoped is actually a kit. It’s a frame, in other words, with all the difficult engineering like mounting points, swingarm, and the end result brings all the awesome action of a BMX downhill run to your morning commute.

August 6th

Video: Van Eko's New Bio-composite Electric Scooter is GORGEOUS

The spec sheet on Van.Eko’s electric scooter reads like a scooterist’s wet dream, with a MASSIVE 70 lb-ft of torque coming from the Be.e’s 4 KW electric motor and high-end components like telescoping front forks and disc brakes front and rear (With that much power, you’ll certainly need them!). You can get a better sense of the electric scooter’s awesomeness, here.

July 19th

ZBee Electric Tuk Tuk Begins Series Production (w/ video)

As anyone who’s spent time in Southeast Asia will surely tell you: tuk tuks are a thing. In case you don’t know, a Tuk Tuk is, essentially, a 3-wheeled Vespa scooter with a utility/van body strapped to the back – and they are EVERYWHERE in Asia. This one isn’t a smoke-producing 2-stroker, though. It’s electric!

July 18th

Forbidden Fruit: New-for-2014 Honda Cross Cub 110

With more than 60 million sold, Honda’s Cub is a big deal, and it’s in need of a serious technical update. The new 2014 Honda Cross Cub is that update – and it promises to take the best of Honda’s Cub and mix in the best part’s of “my” generation’s Honda icon: the Ruckus. How does it stand up to those two?

May 26th

Video: Corpses From Hell Moped Gang vs. Ruby X

My long-standing claims that the antics of a moped gang (club?) like the Hell’s Satans or Corpses From Hell constitutes “green” news rests on 2 things. First, their bikes get about 100 mpg, which seems like big news in an age when GM is touting 30 mpg cars in its ads. Second, these guys and gals have found a way to make the “green” aspect of their mopeds totally irrelevant – they’re just sweet rides.

May 26th

Someone Buy Me a 2014 Honda Grom NOW (w/ video)

With top-shelf suspension components, brakes, and high-end tires backing up the bikes diminutive 125 cc dirtbike engine and 4-speed semi-automatic transmission, this little Honda should be gobs of fun. Scratch that …
The new Honda Grom promises to deliver the most fun you can have without an overwhelming karmic retribution getting portioned out by the cosmos.

May 18th