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Video: Around the World on a Vintage Vespa

Vintage Vespa scooters are marvelous things. Given a willingness to turn a wrench, some quality oil, and ready access to small parts, an enthusiastic rider can keep their Vespa going a long time. But what if you wanted to take your tiny-wheeled titan around the world? Could you make it?

February 16th

It's Gonna Happen: Ducati is Building a Scooter in 2014

The motorcycle blogosphere has been talking Ducati scooter almost from the moment the company was bought by Audi back in 2012. At the time, I laughed at the idea of an Audi-run Ducati, but Audi’s ambitions of going toe-to-toe with crosstown rivals BMW seems to be pushing Ducati hard to improve sales and customer support, […]

December 27th

Vintage Vespa + Segway = Sexy Sidewalk Conveyance

With their high-tech balancing software and sensor arrays, easy-to-master learning curve, decent urban range, and almost-kinda-really too-high top speed, Segway scooters should be cool. They are, however, not cool- and I’m talking “probably not even the best thing about being a mall security guard” levels of not cool. What’s to be done? According to Spain’s […]

December 20th

Maxiscoot Builds Insane, MXS 90 VTwin Scooter Engine (video)

This is all in French, and Google’s translate tool can’t possibly be right. If it is, my fellow scooterists had better hold on to their feetie-socks, because this MXS 90 racing engine from Maxiscoot sounds like it’s ready to raise some serious Hell at next season’s Twist n’ Gone. The specs sound insane, and Google […]

December 14th

All I Want for Christmas is a 150cc VTEC Honda Ruckus

Dear Santa, You’ve been very good to us already this year, what with the new turbocharged, 4-cylinder 2015 Ford Mustang and the 50 MPG Honda Accord- not to mention the slick little Motoped 50 that just reached its Kickstarter goal … but let’s get serious. What we really want for Christmas isn’t a Harley-stomping Honda […]

December 7th

Lit Motors Reveals Kubo Cargo-Carrying Electric Scooter

In a world where cars are quickly becoming too expensive for many small business owners to operate, there are some clever alternatives and solutions being bandied about. Among them is the Lit Motors Kubo, a unique cargo-carrying electric scooter they’ve turned to crowdfunding to make it happen. San Francisco-based Lit Motors has been working on […]

November 26th

The Only 5 Motorcycles You'll Need: the Yamaha Electric Ecosystem

Yamaha announced a number of new “concept” electric motorcycles at this year’s EICMA show- but what’s decidedly more important is this: Yamaha has created a fully electric motorcycle “ecosystem” that takes its customers from the cradle to the grave without burning a single drop of oil or gas. Hot damn! Ever since Apple conquered the […]

November 14th

Genuine Scooters' 2014 Hooligan 170 Leaked on Facebook

The Honda Grom 125 may be the little 130 MPG bike that’s taking America by storm, but it won’t be the only “bad boy” mini-moto on the scene for very long. Suzuki is firing back with a DP-style electric monkey bike due in sometime in 2015, while Chicago’s own Genuine Scooter Company is fighting back […]

November 10th

Check Out This Custom Honda Grom Cafe Racer

When is a Honda Grom not a Honda Grom? When it’s a Mike Hailwood-inspired, one-off custom Honda Grom cafe racer like the one Honda rolled out in Thailand a few days ago. The bike was built by Honda to demonstrate the little Grom’s potential for customization – something that’s critical to a bike’s success in […]

October 29th

Recycled Hawtness: Vespa 150 S (w/ video)

The bad news is that there’s not a lot of backstory on this latest entry in Gas 2’s Recycled Hawtness series, presented by the techs from a Spanish motorcycle shop in Alicante, Spain called Sport Production. The good news is that there doesn’t need to be. Quite simply put, this video captures the story of […]

September 23rd

Finally: A DIY Wooden Vespa You Can Ride!

An incredibly talented, devoted, and patient artist named Carlos Alberto created this fully-functional Vespa out of layers of laminated plywood. In addition to being made almost entirely of renewable materials, delivering thrilling performance, and giving back more than 100 miles of smiles for every gallon of gas you put into it, it is incredibly, unspeakably […]

September 18th

Frankfurt 2013: BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter

The Frankfurt auto show is usually the beginning of a model year’s auto show season, and this year is no exception with a host of 2014 models being shown for the first time. BMW is starting us off with a bit of 2 wheeled news this morning, having recently announced that the company’s C Evolution […]

September 8th