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It's Gonna Happen: Ducati is Building a Scooter in 2014

The motorcycle blogosphere has been talking Ducati scooter almost from the moment the company was bought by Audi back in 2012. At the time, I laughed at the idea of an Audi-run Ducati, but Audi’s ambitions of going toe-to-toe with crosstown rivals BMW seems to be pushing Ducati hard to improve sales and customer support, […]

December 27th

Zero Motorcycles Press Intro | International Motorcycle Show

Zero had a massive showing again this year, with a central spot on the show floor at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA. As press entered the show we were greeted by a pair of ladies handing us Zero brochures and reminding us not to miss their presentation. Judging by how late most of the paper magazines were to report on these bikes, some even reporting on 2013 models when they’re all sold out, you’d have think they missed it last year.

December 10th

Elio Motors Gets Closer to Nationwide Helmet Exemption

Whatever you think of Paul Elio’s Geo-powered trikes, I think we can all agree that overcoming America’s state-by-state motorcycle helmet laws is a major concern for Elio. Elio’s making progress on that front, however. Last week, Louisiana House Bill 218 was unanimously approved, allowing enclosed motorcycles like the Elio Motors Trikke to be driven by […]

October 10th

Will Caddo Parish Demolish the Elio Motors Factory?

It looked like the would-be carmakers at Elio Motors scored a slam-dunk victory a few weeks ago, when Caddo parish commissioners voted 11:1 in favor of using $7.5 million of taxpayer money to fund the purchase of the old GM Shreveport assembly plant. At first. Reports out of Caddo parish in Louisiana this week, however, […]

September 8th

Africa, or: What did Both Toto and Honda do Best?

When it comes to serious adventure touring, it’s Honda’s Africa or BMW’s big twins. The Beemers are cute and all, but when you’re more concerned about making it home than you are about making it to Starbucks, it’s Honda. There’s only one problem: You can’t buy the Africa in the US … yet!

August 10th