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A Biker Chick Runs Wild In The Fiat 500e

When Biker Chicks Drive Cars Fiat cut me loose on the streets of LA in a 2016 500e to see if it could be as fun around town as it is on the track. I’ve driven both manual & automatic 500s, and a broad range of other electric cars. None of them as fun as […]

February 4th

Polaris MRZR-D4 Diesel Gets The Call From US Marine Corps

The history of warfare extols many great thinkers – China’s Sun Tzu and Prussia’s Carl Von Clausewitz, for example. But General Nathan Bedford Forrest may be the champ when it comes to packing a lot of wisdom into a few words. His advice? “Get there firstest with the mostest.” That’s exactly what America soldiers can […]

December 4th

Russian Robot Runs Amok

Promobot, an artificial intelligence device capable of machine learning, wandered beyond its boundaries into a nearby roadway. Hundreds of selfies resulted.

June 19th

Nate Cook’s 90’s Solo Cup Prius

I don’t know Nate Cook, but between his thick Nixon wristwatch, hot pink bunny suit, and apparent enthusiasm for racing scooters, I’m kind of surprised we haven’t met already (the go-fast scooter scene is a small world, after all). It’s almost better that I don’t know Nate, though- because that made finding this 90’s Solo […]

May 25th