Pikes Peak

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Watch Rhys Millen Set A Record For EVs At Pikes Peak

This past weekend racers from around the world descended on Colorado’s famous Pikes Peak for the Race to the Clouds, a competition that has become increasingly dominated by electric vehicles. This year two big names, Rhys Millen and Monster Tajima, competed for the top spot in the electric car class, but it was Millen that […]

Honda CR-Z to Race Pikes Peak using SH-AWD Hybrid System

This week Honda announced that it would be trimming several hybrid and compressed natural gas vehicles from its lineup, including the two-seat, two-door CR-Z hatchback. Before it goes quietly into the night though, Honda will give the CR-Z a proper sendoff by outfitting it with Acura’s SH_AWD hybrid system and setting it loose on Pikes […]

Rimac Pikes Peak EV Racer on the Dyno

Croatia’s Mate Rimac wants to be the Elon Musk of Eastern Europe, and his boutique EV maker Rimac Automobili is already getting noticed on the global stage. Beyond the million-dollar, 1,088 horsepower Concept_One, Rimac has also gotten involved with Koenigsegg’s hybrid hypercar and the new Formula E series. Rimac’s latest venture has it teamed up […]

Rimac Pairs With Monster Tajima For Pikes Peak Run

Priced at a million bucks and packing 1,088 horsepower, the Rimac Concept_One probably has more in common with the Formula E electric race cars than a Nissan LEAF. Yet Rimac’s ambitions aren’t necessarily to make an electric car for the masses, but rather to build the components other companies need to make their EVs stand […]

Insane 1 Megawatt Electric Racer For Pikes Peak

On June 28, Drive eO will unleash its 1 megawatt electric racer, the PP03, at the annual Pikes Peak hill climb, popularly known as The Race To The Clouds. First held in 1916, Pikes Peak is the second oldest automotive racing event in North America after the Indianapolis 500. According to project director Kristaps Dambis, […]

April 11th

Pikes Peak 2014: the Race (and Live Stream) is Happening Now

The 2014 running of the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb (PPIHC) is under way today, June 29th. As always, the race promises to deliver some of the best electric and alt-fuel racing in the country with several serious plug-in contenders aiming to knock Sebatien Loeb’s record 2013 run up the mountain. For those of you with […]

June 29th