Formula 1

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Is Porsche Really Planning a Formula 1 Comeback?

There is a rumor being circulated by German Magazine Auto Bild that might be of particular interest to racing fans everywhere. That rumor: Porsche is coming back to Formula 1. That’s right- after another convincing win at the 24 Hours of LeMans earlier this month, Porsche seems to be setting its sights on other racing […]

June 21st

Ferrari Team Orders Taint the Monaco Formula 1 Race 2017

The Monaco FIA Formula 1 Grand Prix is always exciting right from the recognizance lap. The cars meander through the Casino de Monte-Carlo with million dollar yachts in the harbor and the buildings and mountains of the principality looming overhead. This year, two Ferraris were at the head of the field. They climbed up the […]

May 28th

Formula One Fears ISIS Drone Attack At Silverstone

A drone is just a drone. It can be used for peaceful purposes like taking photos of the latest additions to the Tesla Gigafactory or it can be used for nefarious purposes like dropping bombs on the race track at Silverstone during the Formula One race later this year. It should be noted that Silverstone […]

May 17th