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Bike-engined Griiip G1 Delivers F1-style Thrills on the Cheap

If you’ve been looking for a legit, carbon-fiber, single-seat race car to tear up your local track day, then I have just thing. Meet the Griiip G1- an all-new spec racer powered by a 1000cc Aprilia V4 engine that puts out a healthy 201 HP at an ear-splitting thirteen-thousand RPM. I don’t really need to […]

August 7th

Forze Delft VII Hydrogen LMP Set to Go Racing

We’ve been covering the Forze Delft hydrogen-fuel celled racing project off and on for a few years, now. Depending on who wrote the article, we’ve called it anything from “vaporware” to “a fun class project”, but we’ve never really called it what it’s about to become: a real racing car.   Forze Delft VII Chassis […]

August 4th