Car Sharing

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Impact Investing and Alternative Transportation

The field of impact investing is a relatively new phenomenon, but its popularity is growing quickly, as investors seek financial AND other returns on their investments, usually environmental and social benefits. In impact investing, investors get to make a buck and feel good about it, too. Impact investing includes fairly mainstream investments, like Tesla’s initial public offering (IPO) that netted the company over $200 million.

November 28th

Scion iQ EV Will Be Available For College And Car-Sharing Usage Only

A couple of years ago when Toyota announced it was working on an all-electric version of its iQ microcar, EV enthusiasts were excited. But last month Toyota backtracked, saying it would launch just a small fleet of the tiny iQ EV. The Japanese automaker has now released details on where those few EVs are going, and it is mostly to college campuses and car-sharing services.

October 18th

Autolib Car Sharing Project Has Rocky Start

An ambitious electric car-sharing program started last year in Paris – long time Gas2 readers may remember the Autolib system, a dense network of charging stations and rentable electric BlueCars. The little silver cars with colorful stickers are supposed to number 3000 by the end of next year, but they seem to be ever so […]

March 27th