EV Charging

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EverCharge Offers California Tenants EV Charging Solution

For the approximately 88 million Americans living in apartment complexes, condominiums, and other multi-tenant buildings, the challenge of charging an electronic vehicle may be enough to dissuade them from choosing electric. The thought of having an unreliable power supply and, therefore, an unreliable mode of transportation is a risk most are unwilling or unable to […]

August 19th

Portland Airport Amasses Record EV Charging Stations

The installation of charging stations for electric vehicles is rapidly expanding amongst America’s key infrastructure and and transit hubs, with one of the West Coast’s leading airports now boasting a record breaking number of the devices. The Portland International Airport has put in place a total of 42 L1 PowerPost EV charging stations — the largest installation […]

August 18th

Electric Vehicle Charging At Campgrounds (Survey)

Hello, Gas2 fans. We have an opportunity to genuinely improve the EV charging situation at campgrounds across the United States, and I hope you will help us do so. Below is a 10-question survey on campground EV charging matters, and I’d appreciate it if you could take just a few moments of your time to […]

August 16th

Nissan LEAF is Tourist’s Choice in Rural Japan

To maintain the serenity of rural tourist attractions, Japan has employed the locally built Nissan LEAF as suitable companion to its more natural destinations. In an area Northwest of Tokyo, roughly an hour by bullet train, sprouts one of Japan’s three most popular “onsens” or hot springs. The Matsunoyama hot springs reach temperatures of 208 degrees Fahrenheit (98 […]

August 14th

Charge Your Tesla In Manhattan

Tesla takes Manhattan. In an effort to increase compatibility between its brand and the Big Apple, Tesla has partnered with about two dozen parking garages to provide high-speed 240 volt charging stations for its Model S sedan. Urban drivers generally face a more difficult task when compared to suburbanites when it comes to reliably charging their electric vehicles. […]

August 13th

40 Tesla Quarterly Letter & Conference Call Highlights

Originally published on EV Obsession. Tesla Motors released its latest quarterly shareholder letter and hosted its quarterly financials call late last night (European time, since that’s where I live). As always, there were many interesting tidbits that could by themselves be individual articles. However, in the interest of not irritating the Tesla haters too much — […]

August 6th

Tesla Metal Solid Snake Charger Unleashed In New Tesla Video

Originally published on EV Obsession. I was just writing about Tesla’s elusive automatic “solid metal snake charger” last week, when discussing Volkswagen’s recently unveiled automatic electric vehicle charger. Perhaps Tesla heard, as it just unveiled a video of its work-in-progress snake charger on its Facebook page and YouTube (a couple of hours ago). Here it is: […]

August 6th

EU Sends €€€ To Netherlands For EV Charging

As if Dutch leadership with EV incentives, EV charging, and EV sales wasn’t enough, the Netherlands just got another boost. The European Commission is set on giving the Netherlands nearly €33 million for EV charging infrastructure across the country. The funding comes from the EU’s “Green Deal” program. The program is to supplement local government and private support […]

July 31st

8 Cities Left In Competition For £20 Million… For Electric Taxis

Apparently, there’s a throw-down in the UK between Birmingham, Cambridge, Coventry, Dundee, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, and West Yorkshire, the remaining 8 cities vying for £20 million for electric taxis. There will be more than one winner — though it’s not clear how many — and they will be announced in April 2016. The final 8 contestants now get […]

July 28th

How Dutch Electric Car Incentives Work

Originally published on EV Obsession. In my recent trip to the Netherlands, I got to speak with a handful of electric vehicle experts. Of course, I was quite curious about EV incentives, so I probed them about those. The Netherlands is one of the top countries in the world in terms of electric vehicle sales. Per […]

July 28th

Nissan & Endesa Agree To Develop V2G System

Nissan and the energy company Endesa, the largest Spanish utility company, struck an agreement at the Geneva International Auto Show that lays the groundwork for a vehicle to grid (V2G) energy supply that will basically enable EV owners to sell excess energy back to the electric company. Nissan, the global leader in EV sales with the Nissan Leaf leading the charge, is committed […]

July 27th

London Boosting Electric Car Incentives

Those wanting to lead the world to a cleaner future and drive on electricity in London are getting another boost. “Ultra low-emission vehicles” (basically, electric cars) are getting a further reduction in London’s congestion charge, and taxi drivers with cars >10 years of age can get a decommissioning grant to drop their polluters and go electric. […]

July 24th