Hybrid Vehicles

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The Benefits of Smart Home Charging for Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrids

Editor’s Note: This is a guest contribution by Richard Lowenthal, CEO of electric vehicle ChargePoint manufacturer Coulomb Technologies. See his last post here: Henrik Fisker Debuts Karma Plug-in Hybrid in San Jose. This is part of our ongoing series on EV Charging Infrastructure, which was initiated by Mayors Gavin Newsom and Sam Adams. [social_buttons] This week, Coulomb Technologies […]

June 16th

Chevy Volt Test Drive: How GM’s Electric Car Works [+pictures]

Editor’s Note: This is a 4-part series covering my trip to Michigan to test-drive the Chevy Volt. See also: 1. LiveBlogging from the opening of GM’s New Battery Lab and 3. Tour of GM’s New Battery Lab, 4. Video: Driving GM’s Electric Car. Disclaimer: GM flew me out for this event. [social_buttons] June 8, 2009- It was pouring […]

June 15th

XR3: 225 MPG Plug-In Hybrid Trike Headed for Production

Robert Riley’s XR3 kit car is an amazing three-wheeled plug-in diesel hybrid. The trike gets a jaw dropping 225mpg on combined diesel-electric power and 125mpg when using only the 23hp diesel engine. And hey, it kinda looks like that Back to the Future car! Introduced back in June of 2008, the two-passenger car was designed […]

June 14th

Time Tested: New EV Battery Displays Remarkable Lifespan

[social_buttons] When it comes to electric vehicles, critics have referred time and again to the fact that the death and replacement of batteries nullifies any savings made at the pump. With a battery’s limited lifespan, and battery prices still high, drivers may not be saving much. However, recent tests by battery provider Southern California Edison […]

June 4th

General Motors First Hybrid; from 1969!

A few years ago, retro was all the rage, with car designers and marketing teams recalling American nostalgia for the days when flashly muscle cars were common and gas cost but a strawpenny a gallon. But even back then, there were a few forward thinkers at General Motors who had at least a passing concern […]

How GM is Making Electric Vehicles Relevant

Editor’s Note: Frank Weber is the Global Electric Vehicle Development Executive for General Motors. Here he discusses the Chevy Volt and the future of transportation. This post was written for Gas 2.0 and reposted at the GM FastLane Blog. [social_buttons] A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak at EVS 24 in Norway […]

May 27th