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Electric Volkswagen Microbus On The Way?

Via EV Obsession: Volkswagen is currently working on a new Microbus concept vehicle to be debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, according to recent reports. Interestingly, the new vehicle may end up as a production vehicle available as an electric — in addition to availability as a gas- or diesel-powered version — if […]

September 22nd

EVs Will Drive Oil Prices Down, Southridge Capital Argues

There is speculation in every direction surrounding the newly falling oil prices we are seeing. Is there a globally-minded motive behind OPEC maintaining its production levels despite the falling prices? Will North American oil companies have to cut back if this trend continues? What will happen if prices continue to fall dramatically? The most relevant question in this community is, how will the decrease in gas prices affect the electric vehicle market?

September 9th

Gas Station Hacked: Effects & Concerns

Recently, gas station supervisory systems connected to the internet have become targets of hacking with minor effects, but still raising concern. Trend Micro researchers Kyle Wilhoit and Stephen Hilt subsequently conducted a series of experiments to determine the risk these gas station’s systems are truly facing. They planted 10 fake internet-connected systems called “GasPots” in various countries to […]

August 13th

IMF: G20 Countries Paying Trillions In Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Ah, society — takes us decades to turn a simple, life-saving corner. Subsidizing fossil fuels in the 21st century has got to be one of the dumbest things society has ever done… (and we’ve done a lot of dumb things). We have cheaper alternatives that don’t kill us and cause all kinds of health problems […]

August 6th

US Electric Car Market In Color (Infographic)

I’m generally not a fan of infographics — they often pack a little bit of information into a maze of colors. However, I think the one below is super interesting. It uses what us old-schoolers call “charts” and “graphs,” and it uses them to paint a really succinct and interesting picture of the US electric car […]

July 17th