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Plug’n Drive Is Rockin’ It (Exclusive Video)

Originally published on EV Obsession. Cara Clairman gave the 4th presentation in the Renewable Cities “Trends, innovations, and barriers in electrifying transportation” panel that I recently moderated in Vancouver. (See my presentation, Brian Hansen’s, and Gil Friend’s if you missed them.) As the CEO and president of Plug’n Drive, as well as the driver of a […]

August 27th

German EV + Storage + PV + CHP “Mini-Swarm”

Originally published on CleanTechnica. There’s an exciting project currently underway in the northern German city of Hamburg, being carried out by the German energy and IT company LichtBlick: An apartment building is being transformed into a power plant. There’s a photovoltaics system on the roof, a combined heat and power unit and a storage battery in […]

August 21st

Nissan & Endesa Agree To Develop V2G System

Nissan and the energy company Endesa, the largest Spanish utility company, struck an agreement at the Geneva International Auto Show that lays the groundwork for a vehicle to grid (V2G) energy supply that will basically enable EV owners to sell excess energy back to the electric company. Nissan, the global leader in EV sales with the Nissan Leaf leading the charge, is committed […]

July 27th

accessio E-mobility Conference | The Future of the Automobile

Last week, accessio brought EV and hydrogen business leaders from the German state of Baden-Württemberg to San Francisco and Los Angeles. The most interesting takeaway was how the region is capitalizing on its long history of automotive industry excellence and pushing the industry toward electric through a combination of grants, partnerships and promotional events.

October 31st

Nissan Leaf-to-Home: Yes, It’s A Nissan e-Home

Nissan announces a smart home compatible with the Nissan Leaf! Total off-the-grid self-sufficiency! Available soon! …Nissan seems to be talking science fiction at CEATEC Japan 2011, an IT and electronics exhibition held in Chiba this week, but Technology Marketing Director Nobunori Suzuki assures the exhibition attendees and press that the company is quite serious.

October 7th