Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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Forze Delft VII Hydrogen LMP Set to Go Racing

We’ve been covering the Forze Delft hydrogen-fuel celled racing project off and on for a few years, now. Depending on who wrote the article, we’ve called it anything from “vaporware” to “a fun class project”, but we’ve never really called it what it’s about to become: a real racing car.   Forze Delft VII Chassis […]

August 4th

US Maritime Administration: San Francisco Bay Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Ferry Feasible, But Expensive

A newly released feasibility study from the US Maritime Administration on the subject of a potential high-speed, hydrogen fuel-cell passenger ferry deployment in the San Francisco Bay, as well as on the associated hydrogen fueling infrastructure, has provided some interesting new findings. The study — conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, and which examined the technical, regulatory, […]

November 7th

Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses Arriving In 2017

Toyota’s first production hydrogen fuel cell buses will begin hitting the streets of Tokyo, Japan, in early 2017, according to recent reports. The plan is for the new buses to enter into service initially as fixed-route buses in the country’s capital city before then being rolled out elsewhere. More than 100 of the new Toyota […]

October 23rd