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Volvo Drive-E Engines Headed for Chicago

February 2nd, 2014 | by Jo Borrás

Volvo first announced its new Drive-E lineup of bonkers, there-is-definitely-horse-in-these-meatballs engines fitted with both turbochargers AND superchargers late last summer. According to Volvo, the company had spent nearly $11 billion in developing its new engine programs, which the company hoped would make larger engined cars from competitors’ models feel like “dinosaurs”

Honda Releases 2013 North American Environmental Report

December 14th, 2013 | by Guest Contributor

- CO2-adjusted fuel economy of Honda and Acura automobiles up 9.5% - CO2 emissions intensity of automobile production in N.A. down 16.2% - CO2 emissions intensity of product shipments in the U.S. down 8% - CO2 emissions intensity of service parts shipments&hellip

Volvo Reveals 300 hp Turbocharged AND Supercharged Drive-E Engine

August 19th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás

According to the official press release, Volvo has spent nearly $11 billion in developing its new engine programs – the Volvo i-ART diesels and its flywheel hybrid system included – and believes that its new, high-efficiency 4-cylinder engines will make larger engined cars from competitors feel like “dinosaurs”

Cleantechnica Takes on the Myth that Electric Cars Aren't That Green

June 22nd, 2013 | by Jo Borrás

One of the most common myths associated with electric cars is that they’re no more “green” than gas cars, once “all the variables are considered”. The first problem with that type of thinking is that most studies fail to determine what, exactly, all the variables are. The second problem is that, even once you find a great majority of the variables, you can still flub the basic math

China Tells Polluters: Clean Up Your Act, or Face THE DEATH PENALTY!

June 22nd, 2013 | by Jo Borrás

AWESOMESAUCE!! The Chinese government just issued a new judicial interpretation that will allow courts to issue harsher punishments for environmental crimes, and reports coming out of Chinese news agencies is that THE DEATH PENALTY could be handed down for the most serious offenses against the environment

2014 Tata Nano Debuts, CNG Model Tags Along

June 22nd, 2013 | by Jo Borrás

From a visual perspective, the 2014 Tata Nano is distinguished by tastefully-applied chrome trim and a new rear bumper with sporty mesh inserts. The new Nano can also be “optioned up” with four personalization kits that add features like a contrasting-color roof, body graphics, alloy wheels, and sporty-looking body kit. Under the hood, a new bi-fuel engine cuts emissions and operating costs ... will that be enough

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