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US Maritime Administration: San Francisco Bay Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Ferry Feasible, But Expensive

A newly released feasibility study from the US Maritime Administration on the subject of a potential high-speed, hydrogen fuel-cell passenger ferry deployment in the San Francisco Bay, as well as on the associated hydrogen fueling infrastructure, has provided some interesting new findings. The study — conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, and which examined the technical, regulatory, […]

November 7th

Dual Fuel Hybrid Ferries Being Built For British Columbia

Seaspan Ferries Corporation has ordered two new 480 foot long hybrid ferries for the run from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, reports Electric Vehicle News. The ferries will feature a battery electric hybrid propulsion system working in conjunction with dual fuel combustion engines that can operate either on diesel fuel of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The […]

February 25th

Lampuga Electric Surfboard Gibes A Glimpse Of A New Sport

Originally posted on CleanTechnica I’ve always been fascinated with surfing, admiring the balance and courage it takes to shred your way across a massive wave. Now imagine how much more fun surfing would be with an electric motor propelling you across that wave at speeds of up to 34 MPH? You can do more than […]

February 12th

273-foot Hybrid Yacht Is A Lesson In Opulent Efficiency

Hybrid cars have become almost old hat these days, with nearly every automaker offering at least some kind of hybrid in their lineup. But hybrid boats are an entirely different story, and a 273-foot mega yacht dubbed The Savannah has just launched boasting a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system that its builder Feadship claims is the […]

February 10th

Greenline 48 Hybrid Yacht Greens Up the Deep Blue Sea

Greenline yachts recently announced their largest hybrid yacht to date: the ultra-luxe, 48′ long Greenline 48, which hopes to bridge the gap between the company’s smaller Greenline yachts and larger OceanClass cruisers (50′ + length). The new Greenline follows in the footsteps of the Greenline 33 and Greenline 40 in offering fuel-efficient, low-maintenance sailing- and […]

February 2nd

Fully-Sustainable SeaOrbiter Research Vessel Seeks Crowdfunding

For a dozen years, French designer Jacques Rougerie has had his idea of a totally sustainable and mobile vertical sea vessel dismissed as a sci-fi pipe dream. Against all odds though, his dream vessel is looking more and more like it might actually get built thanks to the power of crowdfunding. The sustainable research vessel […]

November 15th