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Bamboo Ethanol Could Be A Cost-Effective Gasoline Replacement

Though modern China has risen like a slumbering dragon to become an economic powerhouse, there are still plenty of old-school holdover traditions, like the extensive use of bamboo as scaffolding for working on modern buildings. The rest of the world has taken notice, with everything from mountain bikes to concept cars embracing this natural, durable, […]

December 2nd

Brew Your Own Ethanol With This DIY Moonshine Still

Thanks to some intrepid young men and women at the Clawhammer Supply Co., you can now brew your own high-octane DIY moonshine (ethanol) right at home. If you decide to stop the process at around 80-100 proof, you can even drink it yourself. Just in time for the holidays! Admit it. At one point in […]

November 21st

President Obama's Alt-fuel Finder App is Here, and it's Free!

As part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to expand access to alternative fuels and give American consumers more fuel options that save money and reduce harmful carbon emissions, the US Department of Energy has launched a new mobile app to help drivers find ethanol, biodiesel, CNG, LPG, and quick-charging EV stations to keep their alt-fuel […]

November 17th

Video: This is What an 8.4 Sec., Ethanol-fueled 1/4 Mile Looks Like

This is in-car video of a Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” GTR. Fueled by E85 (a blend of 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol), this 4100 lb. AWD street missile proved itself as the all-out fastest Nissan GTR in the world last month at the Moscow Unlimited standing mile event, hitting 250 mph in just 22 seconds … […]

November 15th

RFS Reduction Could Result in $15 Billion Windfall for Big Oil

From the nonsensical claims of the blend wall to bogus quotes from AAA to fraudulent claims that increased ethanol production will increase the cost of food, big oil hasn’t stopped fighting the Renewable Fuels Standard since day 1- and it’s becoming obvious why. A recently “leaked” draft of new legislation suggests the EPA is being […]

November 10th

Poll Shows 80% of Americans Support E15 and Ethanol Availability

According to pro-ethanol group Fuels America, more than 1000 consecutive days of average fuel prices well over $3/gallon have taken their toll on Americans’ budgets and opinions – resulting in more than 80% of those polled saying they would support having E15 (a fuel blend that is, at most, 15% ethanol) available at their local […]

October 27th

I Went on Vacation, Part 1: the 9.00 sec. E85 Nissan GTR

Earlier this month, the (relatively) new wife and I set off a road trip from Chicago to New England. “We’re leaf peeping!” she said, more than once. Along the way, we stopped off at Oberlin, Ohio and paid a visit to my friends at Switzer Performance. As one of the world’s premier tuning shops and […]

October 26th

Renewable Fuels Standard Saves You $0.50 – 1.50 per Gallon

According to a new analysis by renowned energy economist Philip K. Verleger – who has served as an energy advisor to both Republican and Democratic Presidents – American consumers are saving between $0.50 and $1.50 per gallon on gasoline as a direct result of increased ethanol production under the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). “The implication […]

October 5th

NASCAR Legend Richard Childress Endorses Ethanol

Richard Childress is a legend in NASCAR. While those outside the sport may not know his name, however, they know the iconic no. 3 that Childress’ driver, Dale Earnhardt, drove to NASCAR’s premier championship in 1986. And 1987. And 1990, 1991, 1993, and 1994, for that matter. Perhaps more telling is the fact that the […]

September 18th

Switzer Builds 2000 hp Ethanol-fueled Nissan GTR (w/ video)

Switzer Performance has carved out a few special little performance niches for itself in recent years – most notably in alternative fuels tuning and for “advancing the state of the art” when it comes to electronic engine management systems. This latest car, which started life as a 485 hp R35 Nissan GTR, combines both disciplines, […]

September 18th

It's Working: Tom Haag Talks Renewable Fuel Standard

When the words “Big Oil hasn’t let the facts get in the way of its attacks on renewable fuels.” showed up on my Twitter feed this morning, I actually laughed out loud. Despite significant legal reviews, health benefits touted by the American Lung Association, lower prices, and multiple debunkings of that whole “no food for […]

September 12th