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Obama’s Limo Will Not Get a Hybrid Drivetrain

I try to stay out of politics. It is an ugly, ugly arena, especially these days. I like cars much more. But so far I have liked Obama’s stance on automobiles. He is pushing for alternative fuels, electric cars, and better fuel efficiency. I can definitely dig that. But in my mind, the best leaders lead by […]

Low Tech, DIY Plasma Gasifier Makes Fuel From Waste

Some interesting tidbits are coming out of the American Chemical Society conference in San Francisco this week. First we heard about a product made from renewable materials that could substitute a large portion of the crude oil currently used to make tires. And now comes word from a scientist at the University of Orleans in […]

March 26th

Reading Tea Leaves: Future Biofuels in the Bottom of a Cup?

Here in the US, tea is essentially a niche product, falling way behind coffee in terms of popularity. But in places like the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, tea far surpasses coffee as a national past time. In 2008 alone, the world production of black tea was more than 3.8 million tons. Typically, all those […]

March 11th

Breaking Down the Obama Biofuel Plan

Last year the U.S. produced 11.1 billion gallons of biofuel. Obama’s new plan states that by 2022, 21 billion gallons of renewable fuels will need to come from so-called advanced biofuels. [Ed. Note: Yesterday, Tim Hurst over at Ecopolitology asked me to break down the recently released Obama administration plan to increase the amount of […]

February 4th

Microbial Breakthrough to Make Diesel Directly From Non-Food Plant Waste

[social_buttons] A group of scientists from both the public and private arenas has announced that they’ve successfully engineered a microbe that contains all the bits required to turn raw plant matter directly into diesel without any refinement or intermediary steps required. The microbe is a modified strain of E. coli (that’s right, the same type […]

January 28th

Metalback Biodiesel Motorcycle Concept

[social_buttons] We’ve talked a lot about electric motorcycles here at Gas 2.0. But what about biodiesel? Once the darling of many eco-modders, the fuel has largely fallen out of favor. But not with everyone. Meet the Metalback motorcycle concept. Designed by Jordan Meadows, a man with plenty of street cred when it comes to vehicular […]

January 25th

Green Racing Documentary To Follow Only Diesel Racing Series in U.S.

[social_buttons] Volkswagen has announced that the documentary “Racing Under Green”—detailing the trials and tribulations of the Jetta TDI Cup, the U.S.’ only professional green racing series—will premiere the week of January 18 on the various channels of Discovery Networks, including Planet Green, Discovery Channel, and The Science Channel. In addition to following the stories of […]

December 11th

Kansas Students Run Retro VW Beetle on Batteries and Biodiesel

[social_buttons] A group of University of Kansas students have rigged up a 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle to run on a mix of biodiesel and battery power. The team, calling themselves the Ecohawks, claim the quirky hybrid is capable of getting 50 MPG from a series of 10 lead-acid batteries and a biodiesel generator. Performance-wise, although […]

October 16th

Seven Weeds That Could Power Your Car

[social_buttons] With the attention on first generation corn ethanol fading, the next big thing on the sustainable fuel horizon is nonfood biofuel crops. Within that category, inedible weeds are taking a front-row seat due to their relatively low demands on water, pesticides, and herbicides, and their reduced need for tilling and other mechanized soil prep. […]

September 30th

Don’t Like Biofuels? Bet You Can’t Beat Retaliation by Blowpipe!

Native Malaysian tribespeople are taking to traditional methods of battle — including the use of blowpipes — to combat the destruction of their homeland to satisfy the exploding worldwide demand for palm oil. [social_buttons] The rate at which virgin tropical rainforests are currently being cleared to plant palm plantations to supply the ravenous growth of […]

September 1st