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This Biodiesel Corvette Race Car Can Be Yours For $3,500

Diesel-powered vehicles are gaining popularity in America, opening up many more opportunities for high fuel-efficiency and the use of biodiesel. But this next ride, a C4 Corvette, boasts a diesel powertrain that would shame even the most stalwart Corvette fans. But for those of us who cheer on the use of alternative fuels, the biodiesel-powered “Corvegge” is a vehicular wonder…and it could be yours for just $3,500.

October 31st

Pro Tractor Pulling Goes Green With Biodiesel

I grew up in a farm town, and one of the biggest events of the year was the tractor pulling event at the annual town fair. But that was small time; pro tractor pulling involves huge machines making massive amounts of horsepower, and starting next year, they will do so running 100% biodiesel. Yeehaw!

October 26th

Cheese Powered Dragster Sets Biofuel Land Speed Record

If I didn’t suck at math, I’d have loved to be an engineer, because engineers get to build all sorts of cool stuff. The latest example that has me regretting taking Tolstoy over tech school is a 100% biodiesel-powered dragster built by Utah State University students that set a new land speed record using a new biofuel sourced from cheese waste.

September 26th

Built-To-Order British Roadster Gets Biodiesel Power

While green cars haven’t quite caught on with the mainstream consumer, wealthy people the world over are making a statement by opting for expensive green cars like the Tesla Roadster. But not everyone wants a quiet EV; some people want the world to shake when they roll through in their sustainably-powered vehicle.

For those people, British carmaker Trident is offering the Iceni Grand Tour, with a 6.6 liter turbodiesel, an almost 200 mph top speed, and the ability to run a number of different biofuels.

August 24th

Yay! USDA and DOE Announce $41M Biofuel Subsidies

Watching stupid people get all worked up is fun – sort of like watching a cat chase a laser dot. This, perhaps, is why I got a good laugh at the expense of GOP politicians when they got worked up over the DOD’s massive, highly intelligent, US economy stimulating, and national securifying biofuel purchase earlier […]

July 28th

Ford's New Diesel Ranger Pickup Gets Driven … in the UK

Chris’ petition to Ford trying to convince the blue oval boys to bring their “world-market” diesel Ranger to the US has been, comment-wise, one of the most popular posts in Gas 2’s short five-year history. Despite our pleas, increasingly stringent CAFE standards on light trucks, the recession, the complete absurdity of driving a full-size pickup […]

July 28th

Heico Converts Volvo V40 Into Biodiesel Race Car

Swedish automaker Volvo has been on a long and strange journey in the past few years. After buying Volvo, Ford later sold it (at a substantial loss) to Chinese automaker Geely. Yet Volvo has maintained its European roots, and will soon debut a new small family hatchback called the V40. Ahead of its dealership debut, […]

Restaurant Grease Theft On The Rise

Once the realm of fringe biofuel fanatics, the demand for restaurant grease to refine into biodiesel has sent prices skyrocketing. Not surprisingly, this has also meant that theft of restaurant grease is on the rise, threatening legitimate businesses as grease rustlers raid restaurants for a new kind of payday. Greasy Gold Rising gas prices have […]

November 14th

All We Need to Make New Fuels is Fresh Air and Sunshine

OK, it takes more than fresh air and sunshine to make usable, sustainable bio-fuels … but thanks to the work of Massachusetts-based Joule Unlimited, it doesn’t take much more! Joule has developed a genetically-modified organism (GMO, but it’s good GMO … not like, Monsanto GMO) that can be “directed” to secrete usable forms of ethanol […]

February 28th

Sweden to get B15 Biodiesel this Spring

We aren’t just going to wake up one day and no longer use oil. It’s going to take a lot of baby steps to get there. Preem, a Swedish oil “giant,” will go another small step towards an oil-free world by offering B15 biodiesel at stations throughout Sweden.

February 28th

Production Saab 9-4X Biopower Spied Ahead of LA Show

These photos show the final production version of Saab’s long-anticipated 9-4X Biopower concept, which will feature Saab’s new design language and slick new turbo-charged gas and diesel engines which should deliver on the concept’s flex-fuel promises. Saab first showed its 9-4X Biopower concept more than 2 years ago, to largely positive reviews in the press.  Since […]

September 28th

Biodiesel From Poop 2.0 – Sewage Claus is Comin’ to Town

A research paper published by the American Chemical Society indicates that biodiesel production from municipal sewage is tantalizingly close (within several pennies) of being profitable. Although kind of disgusting, few would argue there isn’t a tremendous, renewable supply of the stuff. Nor would they say that every municipality doesn’t already have its’ own sources.

May 24th