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Algae-based Fuels Could Cut Foreign Oil Use by 17%

According to a team of researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, algea-based biofuels could replace up to 17 % of America’s petroleum imports each year, without a significant impact on fresh water use. The issue of where the water necessary to grow the algal components for the fuel is (arguably) the greatest singles source […]

April 22nd

Cleantechnica: Questions Surround GMO Algea Biofuel

We’ve covered some of the most recent advances in genetically modified bio-fuel sources here on Gas 2.0, and while all this exciting R&D might be regarded as revolutionary, Zachary Shahan – over on our award-winning sister site, Cleantechnica – reminds us that this sort of rapid progress also raises doubts among some about what the […]

April 6th

U.S. Navy Buys 20,000 Gallons Of Algae Fuel

In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt instructed 16 battleships and a fleet of escort cruisers to travel around the world. Called the Great White Fleet, it was a demonstration of America’s up-and-coming power. Powered by coal, these smoke-belchers spent two years at sea sailing from port to port. They went through a lot of coal, but […]

September 17th

World’s Largest Airship Lifts the Standard for Efficient Blimps

A new airship from E-Green Technologies/21st Century Airships sports the crackerjack name Bullet 580 along with a “radically different” design according to E-Green Chairman and CEO Michael Lawson. The innovations allow for more efficient performance and a larger cargo capacity, all with more energy efficiency relative to conventional aircraft. The Bullet 580 is 235 feet […]

April 14th

Ancient Protein May be Key to Unlocking Potential of Algae Biofuels

In a discovery that should help sustainable algae biofuels make the leap from an exotic curiosity to a mainstream fuel, researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have identified an ancient protein that helps keep green algae from imbibing too much sunlight during photosynthesis. [social_buttons] The protein, called LHCSR, is a molecular self-regulator that protects […]

November 30th

Scientists Researching How Plants Can Make Petroleum

[social_buttons] As part of a National Science Foundation grant program to examine cutting edge ways to make nature work for us, a team of scientists at Iowa State University have been awarded $2 million to unravel how some plants and algae can make hydrocarbons and discover if the genes that govern that process might be […]

October 2nd

Algae Biofuel Moves to the Big City: Project Aims to Grow Algae On a High-Rise

[social_buttons] The demise of retail giant Filene’s Basement may have a positive effect on proponents of vertical urban farming and algae biofuels alike. Since 2007, the developers of a Filene’s site in downtown Boston have been unable to find funding to move the project forward. But now Höweler + Yoon Architecture and their partner Squared have put forth […]

September 29th

Arizona Project Uses Algae to Turn Coal Pollution Into Biofuel

[social_buttons] Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest electricity provider, has secured $70.5 million in stimulus funds to expand an innovative project that turns carbon dioxide emissions from a coal power plant into biofuel using algae. While part of the funds will be used to scale up the algae processing portion, some of the funds will […]

September 17th

From Sea to Shining Sea on 25 Gallons of Algae – Success!

Imagine driving from San Francisco to New York City in a plug-in hybrid Prius that uses algae for fuel. At the beginning of this month the first ever algae-powered plug-in set off on a ten day coast to coast demo from California to show that a plug-in hybrid can be fueled with green crude. The […]

September 16th

150 MPG “Algaeus” Plug-In Prius To Cruise Coast-to-Coast On Algae Fuel

In an effort to drum up attention and support for their algae-based biofuel, Sapphire Energy has announced they will conduct a coast-to-coast journey in their “Algaeus” plug-in hybrid. Part electric hybrid, part biofuel vehicle, Sapphire claimes the Algaeus will get 150 miles per gallon from its hybrid/biofuel drivetrain. The Algaeus will visit 10 cities, starting […]

September 1st

The Petri Dish Overfloweth with Algae Advancements

[social_buttons] Algae, algae, algae. The research that is occurring on this second generation fuel has overfloweth the petri dish as just this week there have been five major algae announcements. W2 Energy, based in Canada, announced that it has completed its Sunfilter commercial scale algae bioreactor. Algaeventure Systems said that it has begun receiving orders […]

August 6th

Q & A With OriginOil CEO Riggs Eckelberry

Earlier this week we covered the announcement that OriginOil had created a Live Extraction process for converting algae to oil coined, ‘milking’. This is just one of several big breakthroughs the company has had during the past year so I decided to catch up with CEO Riggs Eckelberry to get his take on algae to […]

July 30th

OriginOil Announces 'Milking' Algae Technology Breakthrough

[social_buttons] Los Angeles based OriginOil has made several major announcements during the past few weeks including a patent filing for its Dynamic Control System, and its application for a Patent Cooperation Treaty for low-energy, high-efficiency algae production. Now, they have announced a breakthrough process for Live Algae Extraction, coined ‘milking’ which is a complicated way […]

July 28th