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HondaPro Jason vs. the Honda Jet (w/ Video)

Twenty years since designer Michimasa Fujino first sketched the HondaJet concept in 1997, the fuel-efficient little airplane is in full production, offering a low-cost alternative to other private jets. Well, low-er, anyway, since these planes are still over $5 million, making access to one for testing or reviews … let’s call it: limited. That’s where […]

August 14th

Solar Power Coming Soon To Space Tourism Industry

SolarStratos, a new company based in Switzerland, has built a solar power airplane it claims will let people explore the edge of space while leaving a tiny carbon footprint behind. Cost of spending 15 minutes 15 miles above the earth? $10,000,000. Get your American Express card out!

December 11th

Alaska Airlines Completes Its First Commercial Flight Using Biofuel

On November 14,  Alaska Airlines flew a Boeing 737-800 airliner from Seattle to Washington, DC using jet fuel that contained 20% biofuel made from forest residuals — the limbs and branches that remain after the harvesting of managed forests. The conversion process is the result of research conducted at Washington State University as part of the Northwest […]

November 15th

Solar Impulse 2 Soars Over The Pyramids

Solar Impulse 2 completed its journey from Seville to Cairo today in 50 hours and 50 minutes. Only one leg remains before the solar powered airplane completes its round the world journey while not using one drop of fossil fuel.

July 13th