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New Mercedes A Class set to Shock Shanghai (video)

The styling of Mercedes’ previous A class effort was – generously speaking – forgettable. If this new A Class BlueEFFICIENCY concept is an accurate look at next year’s A200, though, the 2013 A will go straight to the head of the class with radical curves, sweeping surface, and sporting proportions that Mercedes’ press materials call […]

April 8th

Future Fords to Use Plastics Made From Mushrooms

The innovators over at Ecovative announced they’d developed a sustainable, degradable, foam-like product from mushrooms late last year, and there was much talk of possible applications after the company’s presentation at TED.  It seemed like the audience was floored by Ecovative’s work – it looks like a few key decision-makers at Ford were, too. Ecovative’s […]

April 6th

GM Patent Filing Reveals New 7 Spd. Gearbox from China

GM is developing a new 7-speed dry clutch transmission similar in concept to what’s found in cars like the Porsche 997 PDK and Volkswagen’s GTi hot hatch – but the patent filings that came to light last week show that GM’s Chinese partners SAIC are listed right alongside GM.  SAIC’s high-level involvement has caused some […]

April 5th

Honda Hybrid Sales Up 111%

Was it the entry-level Insight that made the difference, or the availability of the new CR-Z that pulled the numbers up?  Maybe the economy really is looking up – if only for Honda’s target demographics?  Whatever the reason, Honda’s line of hybrids saw huge year-over-year sales increases for the month of March, surging 111.8%. Granted, […]

April 1st

GM Renames All Models Prius, Sues BBC Over Top Gear Episode

While the rest of the automotive world simply stared at the news reports about Toyota’s decision to name all its new 2012 model-year cars and trucks “Prius” in a move to further cash-in on the small hybrid’s brand-equity, GM’s legal eagles leaped into action – renaming all of its new 2012 model-year cars “Prius” and […]

April 1st

Tesla Motors Sues BBC Over Top Gear Review

In December of 2008, the BBC aired an episode where Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson got behind the wheel of a Tesla Roadster. Tesla Motors is now suing over that episode. If you haven’t heard of Top Gear, then you are missing out on some hilarious automotive shenanigans. Of course, the Top Gear Trio have […]

March 30th

Reborn LeCar to Join Microcar Battle in 2014

Ah, the LeCar.  We had one of those in the driveway while I was growing up, and I vividly remember being driven to school by my uncle when the little LeCar caught fire.  This was, it should be noted, a commonplace enough thing that I simply started spraying the fusebox with the small extinguisher we’d […]

March 24th

Op-Ed: Can America Build A $5,000 Car?

Tata is currently selling the world’s cheapest car, the Nano. Tata wants to bring the car to America, where they say it will sell for between $7,000 and $8,000. So could Detroit build a $5,000 car, and profit from it? I don’t see why not. Yes, there are books of laws governing the safety and […]

March 20th