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Electric Rocketman From BMW Mini Is Being Considered

Originally published on CleanTechnica. This is a story that I’m sure will get my mom to perk up — she (like many) is a huge fan of the BMW Mini Cooper styling, which seems to bring us back to another era while still fitting in nicely with a modern life and especially the cities of today. […]

May 2nd

Stunning Mazda Vision Gets Closer To Reality

Mazda has filed a patent application for a variation of the rotary engine that sits lower in the chassis and has its exhaust ports at the top. That would make it easier to turbocharge the engine. Is a production version of the Vision concept one step closer to reality?

April 4th

Opel GT Returns! Coming To Geneva In March

Many people were not even born yet when the last Opel GT roamed the world’s roadways. Compared to today’s automobiles, the tiny little two seater was crude in a way that only those who had drivers licenses in the 60s can understand. But for the times, it stirred a lot of passion in the souls […]

January 28th