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EVCCON 2011: the 8-passenger Toyota Prius-ine

Remember the Priickup truck that motored its way out of North Carolina back in August? It belonged to Steve from Auto Be Yours, which has been specializing in rebuilding salvage title Prii in recent years. Steve, the mastermind behind the Prius-ine shown here, explains that his business model “is to do the same thing over […]

September 25th

EVCCON 2011: Electric Opel GT

It’s not easy to make a 1973 Opel GT sexier than it already is – but ripping out the engine to install an electric motor is a pretty good start, and that’s exactly what Texans Charlie and Tamara did! The married couple bought the Opel three years ago, and have been working to make the 70’s coupe into a forward-looking EV ever since.

September 24th

EVCCON 2011 is a Do-it-Yourself Delight for Electric Car Fans

Gas 2 author Charis Michelsen drove out to Cape Girardeau, Missouri for the 2011 Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention (EVCCON), which runs through tomorrow at the Cape Girardeau regional airport. Over the next few days, Charis will be highlighting some of the extra-special EVs at EVCCON, which run the full gamut from cringe-worthy to lust-worthy, with […]

September 24th

Honda Shows More of its Plug-in Prius Fighter: the Fit EV

This is Honda’s contribution to the electric car lineup at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the Honda Jazz (that’s “Honda Fit” to you and me) EV Concept first shown at the LA show several months ago.  Don’t let the “concept” badge fool you: what you see here is a 99% accurate view of Honda’s plug-in Fit. […]

September 18th