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Colorado Unveils $100 Million Cycling Infrastructure Plan

Via Bikocity: Colorado hopes to become America’s “best state for biking” with the launch of a $100 million scheme to foster the usage of pedal-powered transportation via heavy investment in cycling infrastructure. States Governor John Hickenlooper unveiled the ambitious public-private project to spend in excess of $100 million over the next four years on encouraging bike usage while at the Interbike convention […]

September 21st

Bikesharing Programs Shown To Cut Traffic Congestion

A new study of the second-largest bikesharing program in the United States has found that the deployment of the schemes in cities can significantly ameliorate urban traffic congestion. The study by Resources for the Future, entitled Bicycle Infrastructure and Traffic Congestion: Evidence from DC’S Capital Bikeshare, examined the impact of the deployment of a large-scale bikesharing […]

September 18th

Protected Lanes Key To Increasing Urban Bike Usage, 7 Times More Potent

A new nationwide US survey has found that protected bike lanes equipped with physical barriers can have a major impact upon the usage of bicycles by residents, due to the enhanced sense of reassurance they provide to prospective cyclists. (This finding is probably the 500th time this conclusion has been made by scientific research.) The survey […]

September 14th

Palo Alto: Electric Vehicle & Clean Transport Leader (Exclusive Video)

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Third in my series on the Renewable Cities “Trends, innovations, and barriers in electrifying transportation” panel that I moderated, this article is about Gil Friend’s wonderful presentation. (See my intro and Brian Hansen’s presentation on Copenhagen electrification and clean transport for the prequels.) Gil is Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Palo Alto, and is […]

August 27th

Hawaiians Get To Pick Their Own Bikesharing Scheme

A new bikesharing scheme is giving members of the public in Hawaii the opportunity to choose their preferred technology for the deployment and operation of the project upon its scheduled launch next year. Bikeshare Hawaii is a nonprofit project that enjoys the participation and support of both public and private partners, with the goal of expanding bicycle usage in urban parts […]

August 27th

Complete Transportation In Copenhagen (Exclusive Video)

Following up on my intro for the “Electrifying Transport” panel at the recent Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum in Vancouver, Canada, his piece shares and summarizes the presentation given by Brian Hansen, Head of Department Citywide Strategies for the City of Copenhagen. While the panel was generally about the electrification of transportation, some of the panelists noted the importance of a […]

August 25th

Cyclists Don’t Take The New Viks Carbon Frame Lightly

Originally published on Bikocity. As the 2nd Viks anniversary rolled around, bicycle manufacturer Velonia designed and announced Carbon — an extremely lightweight bike frame with even fewer kilos (aka pounds) than the last generation of stainless steel Viks. Carbon is designed to reflect the “edgiest and latest technologies.” Weighing a previously “unimaginable” amount, Carbon nearly halves the weight […]

August 21st

No (Private) Cars: Portland’s Tilikum Crossing

For the Portlander’s commute,  there is a new attractive addition to your route that some find to be a stress reducer. Tilikum Crossing is reportedly the country’s first bridge to exclude private motor vehicles. Busses, streetcars, bicycles, strollers, and walkers of the two and four-legged variety are all welcome. Cars? Nope. While not being in […]

August 13th

Capital Bikeshare Expands To Iconic Locations in Washington DC

A leading bikesharing program plans to significantly expand its reach across the US capital, enhancing access to pedal-powered vehicles amongst the city’s commuters. Capital Bikeshare has unveiled plans to deploy 8 more bikeshare stops to the Arlington area by the start of next year — a radical increase compared to the single station that currently operates on North Meade Street at the Iwo Jima Memorial. The new stations, situated […]

August 11th

New Device Makes for Instant Smart Bikes

A kickstarter campaign is about to be launched for a new device that its developers claim can instantaneously convert any pedal-powered vehicle into a “smart bike” that assists with navigation and collects data on physical performance. SmartHalo is a compact electrical display device that users can attach to the handlebars of their bicycles, in order to provide a swathe of […]

August 4th

Rimac’s €6,500 Electric Bike Unveiled

Originally published on EV Obsession. Those that are wealthy and in the lookout for an electric bicycle may want to check out the Greyp G12 — a high-performance offering that can reach speeds of up to 44 miles per hour (70 kilometers an hour). The bike is retailing for €6,500 ($7,200) currently. Interestingly, the bike (which […]

July 16th

Can Paris Become The World Capitol Of Cycling?

Can Paris become world’s cycling capital? That’s exactly what it intends to do by implementing a new $164,000,000 plan for infrastructure improvements designed to make cycling in the city safer and more convenient. New bikeways will be completely separated from vehicular traffic to reduce the risk of collisions between two and four wheel vehicles. The […]

April 14th